Demetrio An Opera as Performed at the Kings-Theatre in the Hay-Market the Music by Signor Pietro Guglielmi the Poetry by the Celebrated Metastasio Altered by Giovan Gualberto Bottarelli Most of the Translation by Mr Carara
The Ladies Diary Or Womans Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1795
Dr Bentleys Dedication of Horace Translated to Which Is Added a Poem in Latin and English Inscribed to the Right Honourable the Lord Hallifax Written by the Reverend Dr Bentley the Fourth Edition
Poor Robin 1775 an Almanack After the Old Yet Nevertheless as Agreeable to the Newest New Fashion Written by Honest Old Poor Robin Being the One Hundred and Thirteenth Edition
The English Apollo Or Useful Companion Particularly Applied to This Present Year 1776 by Richard Saunders
The English Apollo Or Useful Companion Particularly Applied to This Present Year 1781 by Richard Saunders
Or an Ephemeris for the Year of Our Blessed Saviours Incarnation 1757 the Thirty Ninth Impression by Salem Pearse
Poor Robin 1718 an Almanack of the Old and New Fashion Written by Poor Robin the Six and Fiftieth Impression
Olympia Domata Or an Almanack for the Year of Our Lord God 1796 by Tycho Wing
Poems by Ann Sutcliff
LAllegro Il Penseroso Ed Il Moderato in Three Parts Set to Musick by Mr Handel
Goldsmith an Almanack for the Year of Our Lord God MDCCLXXXVIII Calculated by John Goldsmith
Reasons for the Late Earl of Newburghs Application to Parliament with an Appendix Comprising the Case of the Present Earl
Dr Graham Has Had the Honour of Publicly Exhibiting and Explaining to the Inhabitants of Bath and Bristol the Nature and Effects of Earth Bathing
Some Thoughts Concerning Happiness by Iren us Krantzovius Translated from the Original German with Notes by A B
The Importance of Religion in the Civil Ruler Considered a Sermon Preached Before the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut at Hartford on the Day of the Anniversary Election May 14th 1778
Sententi Philosophorum E Codice Leidensi Vossiano Nunc Primum Edit
A Discourse Preached at the Funeral of the Reverend Elizur Goodrich DD Pastor of the Church in Durham and One of the Members of the Corporation of Yale-College By the Reverend Timothy Dwight
The Report of the Judges of Assize for the North-East Circuit of Ulster Upon a Memorial Given in to the Lords Justices of Ireland By His Grace the Lord Primate Together with the Said Memorial
Reasons Humbly Offerd to the Consideration of the Publick Shewing How the Works to Recover and Preserve the Navigation of the River Dee the Second Edition
A Discourse Delivered at Malden January 8 1800 a Day Devoted by the Inhabitants Publicly to Respect the Memory of the Illustrious George Washington Who Died December 14 1799
A Discourse Delivered at Hartford Feb 22 1800 the Day Set Apart by Recommendation of Congress to Pay a Tribute of Respect to the Memory of General George Washington
An Humble Reply to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Exeters Answer in Which the Considerations Lately Offered to His Lordship Are Vindicated And an Apology Is Added for Defending the Foundation of the Present Governmen
An Abridgement of a Warning to Britons Against French Perfidy and Cruelty Or a Short Account of the Treacherous and Inhuman Conduct of the French Officers and Soldiers Towards the Peasants of Suabia
To the British Inhabitants of India Having on the 10th Instant Received a Peremptory Order from the Governor General in Council to Return to Europe by the Mildred a Ship Now Under Despatch
An Address from Robert Goodloe Harper of South-Carolina to His Constituents Containing His Reasons for Approving of the Treaty of Amity Commerce and Navigation with Great-Britain
The Following Papers Are Printed for the Sake of a More Extensive and Certain Circulation Than Could Be Easily Procured in Any Other Way
The Importance of a Religiouseducation Illustrated and Enforced a Sermon Delivered at Worcester October 31 1793 Occasioned by the Execution of Samuel Frost on That Day for the Murder of Captain Elisha Allen 1793
A Letter to the High Sheriff of the County of Lincoln Respecting the Bills of Lord Grenville and MR Pitt for Altering the Criminal Law of England Respecting Treason and sed Including a Copy of the Authors Petition
The Constitution of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery and the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage Begun in the Year 1774 and Enlarged on the Twenty-Third of April 1787
The Late Glorious Victory Journal of the Proceedings of His Majestys Fleet Under the Command of Sir John Jervis Kb on the 14th February 1797 Illustrated with an Engraved Plan of the Action
A Sermon Preachd in Little-Wild-Street the 17th of July 1743 Being the Day Appointed by Their Excellencies the Lords Justices for Returning Thanks for the Late Glorious Victory Obtained
Observations on the Importance of the American Revolution and the Means of Making It a Benefit to the World by Richard Price DD LLD and Fellow of the Royal Society of London
A Conference of His Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esq Captain General and Governour in Chief of His Majestys Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England with Evewakenk Chief Sachem of the Penobscot Tribe
A Letter to the Deputy Manager of a Theatre-Royal London on His Lately Acquired Notoriety in Contriving and Arranging the Hair Powder Act Commonly Called the Poll Tax
An Account of Charity-Schools Lately Erected in England Wales and Ireland With the Benefactions Thereto And of the Methods Whereby They Were Set Up and Are Governed
An Oration Delivered Before the Citizens of Portland and the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the Fourth Day of July 1799 Being the Anniversary of American Independence
An Eulogy on the Life and Character of His Excellency George Washington Esqr Late President of the United States Delivered at Lenox February 22 1800 by Eldad Lewis Esquire
Considerations on the Present Mode of Quartering Soldiers in the Suburbs of Edinburgh Particularly in the Burgh of Canongate
State of the Demands of the Principality of Waldec and County of Pyrmont Upon the Crown of Great-Britain for Sundry Foragements Made in Those Countries by the British Army Under the Command of
A Confutation of the Memorial Published by the Court of Vienna Under the Title of an Answer to the Declaration Made by the Count of Dohna His Prussian Majestys Minister Translated from the German Original Printed at Berlin 1744
Important State Paper a Report Made in the National Convention in the Name of the Committee of Public Safety by Citizen Roberspierre a Member of That Committee on the Political Situation of the Republic
The Connexion Between Industry and Property Or a Proposal to Make a Fixed and Permanent Allowance to Labourers for the Maintenance of Their Children Addressed to the Society for Bettering the Condition
An Address to the Lower Sort of People On the Subject of Popery and the Pretender Written to Confute the Notion That Our Religion Laws and Liberties Can Be Safe Under a Popish Government The Fourth Edition a
Episcopal Traytors Or Priests Aukward Politicians Exemplifyd in the Behaviour of the Political Prelacy More Particularly of the Attempts of Archbishop Laud and His Equivocal Exit Occasiond by the Commitment of the Bishop of Rochest
An Appeal from the City to the Country for the Preservation of Her Majestys Person Liberty Property and the Protestant Religion
An Essay Upon Divorcement Writ for the Good of Both Sexes Shewing the Lawfulness and Unlawfulness the Conveniences and Inconveniences of Divorces with a Peremptory Conclusion Upon the Same
A Select Collection of Songs Sung in the Several Lodges of the Most Antient and Noble Order of Bucks Calculated to Preserve Harmony and Good-Humour Amongst the Brethren of the Order
An Attorneys Practice Epitomizd Or the Method Times and Expences of Proceeding in the Courts of Kings Bench and Common Pleas from the Commencement of a Suit to the Trial Final Judgment and Execution
New Postage on Letters a Correct List of the Principal Towns in England and Wales with Their Distances Calculated from the General-Post-Office London With the Rates of Postage as Directed by the Late Act of Parliament
A Model for Erecting a Bank of Credit With a Discourse in Explanation Thereof Adapted to the Use of Any Trading Countrey Where There Is a Scarcity of Moneys More Especially for His Majesties Plantations in America
The Devil Drove Out of the Warping-Bar Or the Snap-Reel Snapd Shewing the Madness of the Weavers and the Folly of the Clothiers in the West in a Letter to a Gentleman of Chippenham and Serves as a Full Answer to a Pamphlet
Articles of Enquiry According to the Rubricks of the Book of Common-Prayer and Other Ecclesiastical Laws Now in Force for the Help of Church-Wardens of Every Parish Within the Arch-Deaconry of Durham Dom 171
A Statement of the Saint Mary-Le-Bone Day School of Industry No11 Paradise-Street Instituted 1791 for Every Poor Child Residing Within the Parish Whose Parents or Friends Have It Not in Their Power to Send Them to Any Other School
Narrative of the Loss of the Tribune Frigate 1797 at the Entrance of Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia With an Circumstantial Account of the Meloncholy Catastrophe Which Befel the Crew of That Unfortunate Ship
The Art of Preserving A Poem Humbly Inscribed to the Confectioner in Chief of the Br--T--Sh C--V--Lr-- To Which Is Prefixed a Seasonable Antidote Against the Poison of Popular Censure Being the Substance of a Letter
A Memorial Deliverd by Mr Prior Envoy-Extraordinary to His Britannick Majesty to His Most Christian Majesty Against the Fortifying the Ports and Harbours of Dunkirk and Mardike the Second Edition
Rules Orders and Regulations Made by the Governors and Directors of the Poor of the Parish of Saint Mary-Le-Bone Pursuant to the Direction of an Act of Parliament Made and Passed in the Eighth Year of the Reign of King George the Third
An ACT for Making Forth New Exchequer Bills Not Exceeding One Million at a Certain Interest for Lending the Same to the South-Sea Company at a Higher Interest Upon Security of Repaying the Same and Such High Interest Into the Exchequer
A Remonstrance or the Declaration of the Lords and Commons Now Assembled in Parliament 26 of May 1642 in Answer to a Declaration Under His Majesties Name Concerning the Businesse of Hull Sent in a Message to Both Houses the 21 of May
Plan for Raising Three Hundred Thousand Pounds for the Purpose of the Bridge at Black-Friars and Redeeming the Toll Embanking the North Side of the River Thames Repairing the Royal Exchange And Rebuilding the Gaol of Newgate
Leions Et Modiles diloquence Judiciaire
Histoire de la Marine Franiaise Vol 2 La Guerre de Cent ANS Rivolution Maritime
Prinz Eugen Von Savoyen Vol 1 Nach Den Handschriftlichen Quellen Der Kaiserlichen Archive 1663-1707
Be at Peace Among Yourselves a Discourse on Peace as It Was Occasionally Delivered to a Numerous Assembly Upon the Ratification of the Late Definitive Treaty Plainly Shewing the Vanity of Mechanical Dablers in Politicks
Oeuvres Vol 2 Les Ours de Berne Et lOurs de Saint-Pitersbourg (1870) Lettres a Un Franiais Sur La Crise Actuelle (Septembre 1870) lEmpire Knouto-Germanique Et La Rivolution Sociale (1870-1871)
The Parousia A Critical Inquiry Into the New Testament Doctrine of Our Lords Second Coming
Epitomes Omnium Galeni Pergamenioperum Universam Illius Viri Doctrinam Et Methodi Quim Accuratissimi Continitis Vol 4
Finelon Au Xviiie Siicle En France (1715-1820) Son Prestige Son Influence
USDA Forest Service Resource Bulletin 1968-1975 Nc-15 to Nc-25
D Martin Luthers Werke Vol 12 Die Deutsche Bibel
Traite Des Tumeurs de lOrbite
Christ Dans Ses Mystires Le Confirences Spirituelles Liturgiques
Rivista Delle Biblioteche 1894 Vol 5 Periodico Di Biblioteconomia E Di Bibliografia Anno V N 49 50 51 52
Christianismus Primitivus or the Ancient Christian Religion In Its Nature Certainty Excellency and Beauty (Internal and External) Particularly Considered Asserted and Vindicated from the Many Abuses Which Have Invaded That Sacred Profession by H
Theologische Zeitschrift Aus Der Schweiz 1888 Vol 5
Foxs Book of Martyrs Vol 1 of 2 An Universal History of Christian Martyrdom from the Birth of Our Blessed Saviour to the Latest Periods of Persecution
Illustrirtes Handbuch Der Obstkunde Vol 1 Aepfel Nro 1-262 Mit 262 Beschreibungen Und 290 Abbildungen
Histoire Littiraire Du Sentiment Religieux En France Depuis La Fin Des Guerres de Religion Jusqua Nos Jours Vol 4 La Conquite Mystique licole de Port-Royal
Saint Jean lApocalypse
Dictionnaire Franiais-Grec Suivi dUn Vocabulaire Des Noms Propres Ouvrage Ridigi Sur Un Plan Mithodique dApris Les Travaux Lexicographiques Les Plus Ricents
Adaptative Coloration in Animals
Indices Generales Simul Et Speciales Patrologii Latini Vol 4 Alphabetice Chronologice Statistice Synthetice Analytice Analogice Logice Theologice Hierarchice Bibliographice Biographice Etc Etc Etc Parisiis Apud Garnier Fratres Edito
Das Leben Unsers Herrn Und Heilandes Jesu Christi Nach Den Gesichten Der Gottseligen
Liebe Und Andere Stolpersteine
Grundrii Der Allgemeinen Volkswirtschaftslehre Vol 1 Begriff Psychologische Und Sittliche Grundlage Litteratur Und Methode Land Leute Und Technik Die Gesellschaftliche Verfassung Der Volkswirtschaft
Mathematik Fir Biologen Und Anwender
Die Rickkehr Der Einhirner
Backlog Edition
The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents
Fenwick s Career and the Story of Bessie Costrell
Blonde Bait
Der Zweite Teil Von K nig Heinrich Dem Vierten
Culture and Anarchy
Susan Clegg and Her Friend Mrs Lathrop
Morbid Letters Unsent Letters of Unsung Heroes
Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 and the Manifesto of the Communist Party
Wer Andere Jagt Wird Auch Mal Mide
The Adventures of Scrappy the Cat
Allan Quatermain 9 The Ivory Child
In the Wilderness
Bessie Costrell
Erewhon Revisited
The House of Pride
Leven in de 5de Dimensie
Peque a Librer a de Im genes
World Systems Science ( Traditional Chinese )
Community 3rd edition
Aus Den Vogesen
Brisee a Vie Tome 2 Ma Vie de Femme
Th se Les Corporations tude Historique Et Juridique En Droit Romain
Expos Des l ments de la Grammaire Assyrienne
Mal Et Rem de Ou de Ce Qui Tue La Soci t En France Et de Ce Qui Peut La Faire Vivre
Les Trois Marie Tome 2
Turning the Corner at Moreland and Euclid My Story of Hope and Faith-Lost and Found
Bill Maynard
Quiberon Royalistes Et R publicains Tome 2
Carnet dAprilli
Illusionists Elitists and Shamans An American Oligarachy
La Dame Noire de Doona Roman Historique Tome 1
l mens de M decine Pratique Suivis de l loge de M F-X Bichat
Tell Me What to Do
Education and Imperial Unity 1901-1926
Annales de Philosophie Chritienne Vol 155 Soixante-Neuviime Annie Octobre 1907-Mars 1908
Xive Congres International de Midecine Madrid Avril 23-30 1908 Comptes Rendus Section dHygiene Epidemiologie Et Science Sanitaire Technique
Vita Di Fra Jeronimo Savonarola Vol 1
Art de la Verrerie de Neri Merret Et Kunckel Auquel on a Ajouti Le Sol Sine Veste dOrschall LHelioscopium Videndi Sine Veste Solem Chymicum Le Sol Non Sine Veste Le Chapitre XI Du Flora Saturnizans de Henckel Sur La Vitrification Des Vigitaux
Revista de Espaia Vol 85 Decimoquinto Aio Marzo y Abril 1882
Romania 1908 Vol 37 Recueil Trimestriel Consacre a litude Des Langues Et Des Littiratures Romanes
Obras Completas de Don J V Lastarria Vol 6 Proyectos de Lei I Discursos Parlamentarios
Eis-Und Kilteerzeugungs-Maschinen Nebst Einer Anzahl Ausgefihrter Anlagen Zur Erzeugung Von Eis Abkihlung Von Flissigkeiten Und Riumen Eine Darstellung Des Gegenwirtigen Standes Dieses Zweiges Der Technik
Untersuchungen iber Die Physiologie Des Electrotonus
Sitzungsberichte Der Kinigl Bayer Akademie Der Wissenschaften Zu Minchen Vol 1 Jahrgang 1868
Bulletin de la Sociiti Nivernaise Des Sciences Lettres Et Arts 1874 Vol 6
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Annali dItalia Ed Altre Opere Varie Vol 4 Dallanno 1358 Allanno 1687
Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt 1891 Vol 34 Unter Mitwirkung Zahlreicher Fachleute Aus Wissenschaft Und Praxis
Revue Militaire Suisse 1881 Vol 26
Anatomische Beitrige Vol 4
Annales Du Musium dHistoire Naturelle Par Les Professeurs de CET itablissement 1807 Vol 9
Marie Stuart Son Procis Et Son Exicution DApris Le Journal Inidit de Bourgoing Son Midecin La Correspondance dAmyas Paulet Son Geilier Et Autres Documents Nouveaux
Handbuch Der Alten Geschichte Geographie Und Chronologie
Cours de Politique Constitutionnelle Ou Collection Des Ouvrages Publiis Sur Le Gouvernement Reprisentatif Vol 2
Catalogue Des Manuscrits de la Collection Baluze
Lettres idifiantes Et Curieuses icrites Des Missions itrangires Vol 24 Mimoires de la Chine c
Pasicrisie Ou Recueil Giniral de la Jurisprudence Des Cours de France Et de Belgique En Matiire Civile Commerciale Criminelle de Droit Public Et Administratif Vol 1
Colecciin de Documentos Iniditos Papa La Historia de Espaia Vol 94
A Poetical Paraphrase on the Universal Hymn of Praise to the Creator Entitled Benedicite
The Sacred Authority of Christian Bishops and the Piety of Praying for Them in Prison Recommended in a Sermon Preachd at Rochester Cathedral October 7 1722 by Charles Chambres
A Sermon Preachd Before the Sons of the Clergy at Their Anniversary Meeting in the Cathedral-Church of St Paul December 8 1726 by the Rev Sir John Dolben Bart
The History of the Last Sessions of Parliament Addressed to the Right Hon the Earl of Charlemont by a Member of the Sub-Committee of Convention
The Duty of Bearing One Anothers Burdens a Sermon Preached Before a Society of Weavers c in the Parish Church of Bolton on Wednesday the 4th of January 1774 by E Whitehead
A Full and Accurate Report of the Trial Between - Stephens Esq Trustee to E Bowes Commonly Called Countess of Strathmore and Andrew Robinson Stoney Bowes Esq
The Sentiments of Our Fore-Fathers Relating to the Succession to the Crown Hereditary Right and Non-Resistance by a Lover of Right
The Exaltation of Christmas Pye as It Was Deliverd in a Preachment in Lime-Street on These Words and They Did Eat Their Plumb Pyes and Rejoiced Exceedingly by PB Doctor of Divinity and Midwifry
The Bishop of Bangors Late Sermon and His Letter to Dr Snape in Defence of It Answerd and the Dangerous Nature of Some Doctrines in His Preservative Set Forth in a Letter to His Lordship by William Law MA the Second Edition
The Indispensable Importance of Real Religion a Sermon Preached at Shakespears-Walk March 31 1766 for the Benefit of the Charity-School in That Place by Samuel Stennett
The Fair Penitent a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden by N Rowe Esq
The Believers Triumph Over Death Considered in a Sermon Occasiond by the Decease of Mr Hugh Lloyd Who Departed This Life Feb 11 1735 by John Brine
The Principles of Christian Loyalty a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford at St Marys on Monday Jan 31 1742-3 by John Burton
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords in the Abby-Church of Westminster on Friday January 30 1756 by Richard Lord Bishop of Landaff
A Discourse on the Attraction of Mountains Delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society November 30 1775 by Sir John Pringle Baronet President Published by Their Order
The Christian Apology a Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford at St Marys on July 13 1755 by Thomas Patten the Second Edition
The Divine Conduct Reviewed a Sermon Preached in the Meeting-House on the Pavement Moorfields July 29 1784 Being a Day of General Thanksgiving by William Bennet
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster on Friday February 17 1758 by John Butler LLD
An Epistle from Gorges Edmond Howard Esq to Alderman G Faulkner with Notes c by the Alderman and Other Authors the Third Edition
The Practice of Inoculation Recommended in a Sermon Preached at St Jamess Westminster April the 9th 1767 on the Anniversary Meeting of Governors of the Small-Pox Hospitals by William Dodd
The Positive Man in Two Acts Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden in 1784 by John OKeeffe Esq
A Collection of Catos Political Letters in the London Journal to December 17 Inclusive 1720 the Second Edition With a New Preface
A Sermon Preachd Before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster on Monday June 11 1739 by Henry Gally
An Answer to a Letter to the Bishop of Bangor Written by One Andrew Snap DD
30 Ways to Raise Capital for Your Business
Some Account of the Life and Death of Matthew Lee Executed at Tyburn October 11 1752 in the 20th Year of His Age
Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury to the Chairman of the Committee of Ways Means Accompanying a Plan for Digesting Into One Act and Amending the Various Acts Relative to Duties on Spirits Distilled Within the United States
Report of the Committee to Whom Was Referred on the 26th Ultimo the Consideration of the Expediency of Accepting from the State of Connecticut a Cession of Jurisdiction of the Territory West of Pennsylvania
Prince Perkin the 2d Or sop on This Juncture
Judas Macchab us a Sacred Drama as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden the Musick Composd by Mr Handel
R cit Des Traitemens Quont prouv s Pendant Dix Mois En Rade de lIsle dAix Sur Les C tes de Saintonge Les Pr tres Condamn s tre D port s La Guyane
The Housewife Assassins Handbook Book 1 - The Housewife Assassin Mystery Series
A Discourse Delivered to the Students of the Royal Academy on the Distribution of the Prizes December 10 1771 by the President
A Compleat List of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal with a List of the Commons of Great Britain Both of the Late Parliament Dissolved September the 23d 1710 and That Summoned to Meet November the 25th 1710
A Companion to the Ladies and Gentlemens Diary for the Year 1779 Containing nigmas Rebusses by Reuben Burrow
Lachrym Hiberni Or the Tears of Ireland a Poem the Third Edition
The History of Lawrence Lazy Containing His Birth and Slothful Breeding
An Essay on Human Life
The Declaration of the States General Mentioned in His Majestys Speech Being an Answer to Two Memorials Both Which Are Hereto Prefixed Viz I Memorial of the ABBE de la Ville
An Account of the Soil Growing Timber and Other Productions of the Lands in the Countries Situated in the Back Parts of the States of New-York and Pensylvania in North America
Hair Powder A Plaintive Epistle to Mr Pitt by Peter Pindar Esq to Which Is Added (with Considerable Augmentation) Frogmore F te an Ode for Music for the First of April a New Edition
A Plan for Recruiting the British Army in Which the Alternative Is Offered to Each County Either to Supply the Army with a Number of Recruits by Ballot or to Assess Each Parish to Institute an Association Fund
A Catalogue of Birds Insects c Now Exhibiting at Spring-Gardens
A Sermon Preachd Before the Lords at the Collegiate Church of St Peters Westminster on Monday November 5 1722 by Joseph Lord Bishop of Glocester
Oratio in Martyrium Regis Caroli I Coram Academia Cantabrigiensi Habita in Templo Beat Mari Tricesimo Die Jan 1719 a Gulielmo Crowe Editio Altera Multo Emendatior
The Little Hunch-Back Or a Frolic in Bagdad a Farce in Two Acts as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal Covent-Garden with Universal Applause Written by John OKeeffe
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The Eunuch Or the Darby Captain a Farce as It Is Acted by His Majestys Servants at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
The Use and Antiquity of Musick in the Service of God a Sermon Preachd in the Cathedral-Church at Worcester Septemb 14 1737 by Richard Banner DD
The Coquet a Musical Entertainment Sung at Marybone Gardens Translated from the Italian of Signor Goldoni and Adapted to the Original Music of Signor Galuppi by Mr Stephen Storace
The Succession to the Crown of England Considered
A Letter to Sir John Fielding Knt Occasioned by His Extraordinary Request to Mr Garrick for the Suppression of the Beggars Opera to Which Is Added a PostScript to D Garrick Esq By William Augustus Miles
The Quaker A Comic Opera as Performed at the Theare-Royal [sic] in Drury-Lane
A Picturesque Description of Turton Fair and Its Pernicious Consequences a Poem by William Sheldrake
The Wit of a Woman as It Is Now Acted at the New Theatre in Little Lincolns-Inn-Fields by Her Majestys Sworn Servants
A Turd Is as Good for a Sow as a Pancake or the Story of a Cock and a Bull Calculated for the Improvement of the Modern Wits Wherein the Bombast Is Clearly Set Forth Written by Myself
The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Love of God and a Divine Communion Recommended and Inforced in a Sermon Publicly Delivered at a Meeting of the People Called Quakers June 1769
The Breath of the Lord and the Sieve of Vanity A Sermon Delivered at Monkwell-Street Meeting on Tuesday Nov 7 1797 by William Huntington SS
A Letter to a Member of Parliament Relating to the Bill Against Occasional Conformity in the Last Session
The Pursuits of Literature or What You Will a Satirical Poem in Dialogue with Notes Part the Second
A Faithful Narrative of the Base and Inhuman Arts That Were Lately Practised Upon the Brain of Habbakkuk Hilding by Drawcansir Alexander
Wild Deer In The Highlands 2019 Enjoy the majestic beauty of wild deer in its natural environment
A Brief History of the Pacifick Campaign in Flanders Anno 1712 and of the Fatal Cessation of Arms Shewing the Traiterous Steps Then Taken by an Officer in the Army the Second Edition
A Sermon Preachd at the Annual-Feast of the Gentlemen Educated at Tiverton-School Sept the 5th 1728 in the Parish-Church of Tiverton Devon by John Jones
An Enquiry Into the Question Whether the Brother of the Paternal Grand-Mother Shall Succeed to the Inheritance of the Son in Preference to the Brother of the Paternal Great-Grand-Mother by Charles Watkins Esq
A Brief State of the Question Between the Printed and Painted Callicoes and the Woollen and Silk Manufacture as Far as It Relates to the Wearing and Using of Printed and Painted Callicoes in Great-Britain
A Protestants Reasons Why He Cannot Turn Papist Being a Full Answer to a Paper Industriously Dispersed Called a Roman Catholicks Reasons Why He Cannot Conform to the Protestant Religion
A Letter to a Friend Concerning the Effects of the French Revolution Upon the People of England by Philo-Patri
A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ Canterbury on Friday February 4 1780 Being the Day Appointed to Be Observed as a Day of General Fasting and Humiliation by the Honourable and Reverend James Cornwallis
Lettre Circulaire Que lEmpereur a Envoi e a Ses Ministres Dans Les Cours trangeres = the Emperors Circular Letter to His Ministers at Foreign Courts
Notes Sur Le M moire Remis Par M Necker Au Comit Des Subsistances tabli Par lAssembl e Nationale Par M de Calonne
Aux migr s de Toutes Les Contr es de lEurope
A Sermon Preached at Bishop-Stortford on Tuesday Aug 22 1749 the Anniversary of the School Feast by John Taylor
Carmina Ad Nobilissimum Thomam Holles Ducem de Newcastle Inscripta Cum Academiam Cantabrigiensem Bibliothec Restituend Causa Inviseret Prid Kalend Maias MDCCLV
Lettre a Milord ***** Par Le Sieur Eustache Budgell Inpecteur-G n ral Des Revenus dIrlande
An Exposition of Rev Xj Containing the Famous Prophecy of the Witnesses As Also a Prediction of the Passing-Away of the Turkish Wo And of the Destruction of the Papacy by W G
A Report of the Committee of the Council of Censors Appointed to Enquire Whether the Constitution Has Been Preserved Inviolate in Every Part and Whether the Legislative and Executive Branches of Government Have Performed
A Letter on the Secret Tribunals of Westphalia Addressed to Elizabeth Countess of Pembroke
Figur Qu dam Antiqu Ex C dmonis Monachi Paraphraseos in Genesin Exemplari Pervetusto in Bibliotheca Bodleiana Adservato Delineat Ad Anglo-Saxonum Mores Ritus Atque dificia Seculi Pr cipue Decimi Illustranda in Lucem Edit
An Account of a Roman Temple and Other Antiquities Near Grahams Dike in Scotland
A Vindication of the Case of the Corporation of Bakers In Answer to a Memorial Presented by the Masters of Some Other Corporations to the Right Honourable the Lord Major by a Baker to Which Is Annexed the Memorial
Tabul Illustres or the Paternal Arms of the Present Nobility of Great Britain and Ireland with Their Titles the Stile of the Eldest Sons
The Spinster In Defence of the Woollen Manufactures
Two Odes by Mr Wodhull I to Miss Sally Fowler II to the Dryads
LEsprit Du Sisteme Politique de la Regence dAmsterdam Ou Lettre Contenant Un Pr cis D taill dUn M moire Hollandois Fort Peu R pandu Tr s Interressant Sur Les Affaires Pr sentes
Nundin Sturbrigienses Autore T Hill
A Grand History on Curious Subjects Both Entertaining and Pleasant Never Before Published by a Craftsman in This Town in November 1793
Concio Academica in Templo Beat Mari Apud Cantabrigienses Habita Jun 30 MDCCXLIV a Samuele Moody
Hymnus Sacer Sive Paraphrasis in Debor Et Baraci Canticum Alca co Carmine Expressa E Libro Judicum CapV Autore W Bouchery
A Short Account of the Life and Death of Mr Christopher Peacock Addressed to the Methodist Society in Dublin by Mr James Rogers
The Prophets An Heroic Poem in Three Cantos Humbly Inscribd to the Illumind Assembly at Barbican
Avis Au Tiers- tat
The Prosperity of Britain Proved from the Degeneracy of Its People a Letter to the Rev Dr Brown on His Estimate of Manners
Youths Warning-Piece The Tragical History of George Barnwell Who Was Undone by a Strumpet That Caused Him to Rob His Master And Murder His Uncle
The Emulation of the Insects Or a Minister Chosen a Fable Inscribed to His Grace John Duke of Argyle
Reasons Attempting to Shew the Necessity of the Proposed Cut from Eau Brink to Lynn by a Member of the Committee
Report of the Committee of Warehouses on a Memorial from the Manufacturers of Gunpowder and of Other Commodities Made from Saltpetre Presented to the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade
Declaration of the Catholic Society of Dublin Resolutions and Oath of United Irishmen Phelans Letter and Kenmares Address
No Thing and No Body Being a Cadets Opinion of Our F---Es in Ger---Y by a Page of Honour
Plain Truth or Downright Dunstable a Poem Containing the Authors Opinion of the Sale of Poetic and Prose Performances
Merit a Satire Humbly Addressed to His Excellency the Earl of Chesterfield
The Highlanders Salivated or the Loyal Association of M-LL K-Gs Midnight Club With the Serious Address of the Ladies of Drury to the Batterd Strolling Nymphs of Their Community
Dress a Satire Inscribd to the Ladies on Some Recent Irregularities to Which Is Added Philander and Aspasia
Report from the Committee Appointed to Examine the Physicians Who Have Attended His Majesty During His Illness
Transactions of the General Committee of the Roman Catholics of Ireland During the Year 1791 And Some Fugitive Pieces on That Subject
Buff Or a Dissertation on Nakedness A Parody on Paines Rights of Man
Britons Strike Home the Absolute Necessity of Impeaching Somebody in a Letter to Tom Burnet Esquire
An Appendix to the Devout Communicant Containing More Particular Directions and Meditations for the Time of Receiving the Holy Communion With a Prayer Before and After
Bath a Poem
Most Honourable Learned and Worthy Gentlemen of All Ranks and Orders
Rebellion a Poem Addressed to J-- W-- Esq Late L-D M-R of the City of L-N
The Knyghte of the Golden Locks An Ancyent Poem Applicable to the Present Times Selected from Many Others in the Possession of Mrs Morgan
Love with Honour Or the Privateer a Farce of Two Acts
Remarks Upon the Eighth Section of the Second Volume of Mr Wartons History of English Poetry
Rules and Regulations of the Hainault Foresters
The Present Succession of Spain Considerd And a View of Its Consequences to the Rest of Europe Particularly England and Holland
An Essay on Criticism Written by Mr Pope the Second Edition
The Name Lord of Hosts Explained and Improved in a Sermon Preached in the Chapels of Princes Street Westminster on February 16th and Essex Street Strand on February 23rd 1800 by Joshua Toulmin
A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy by Mr Yorick in Two Volumes by the Rev Mr Sterne of 2 Volume 1
XIN CHAO VIETNAM 2019 The calendar XIN CHAO VIETNAM shows cultural and daily life scenes of this fascinating and beautiful country
The Case of the Reverend MR Thomas Gillespie Reviewed in a Letter to the Reverend Dr W--R
A Sermon Preachd on the First of May 1707 Being the Day Appointed for Publick Thanksgiving for the Happy Union of England and Scotland by Joseph Stennett
A Cool Reply to a Calm Address Lately Published by Mr John Wesley By T S
The Imperial Epistle from Kien Long Emperor of China to George the Third in the Year 1794 Transmitted from His Imperial Majesty and Presented to His Britannic Majesty by George Earl Macartney Translated Into English Verse
Selbstexperiment Beidh ndigkeit
A Letter to the Reverend **** ***** MA Fellow of ***** College Oxford on the Case of Subscription at Matriculation
The Evidence of Christianity Not Weakened by the Frailty of Its Ministers a Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church at Bristol on Sunday June 29 1777 by John Camplin
An Essay on Conduct and Education Recommended to the People Called Quakers by John Fry the Third Edition with a PostScript to People of Other Perswasions
Heute Keine Sch sse
A Genuine Narrative of the Enterprize Against the Stores and Shipping at St Maloes from the Letters of a Person of Distincition in the Service Dedicated to the Rt Hon William Pitt Esq
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords in the Abbey-Church of Westminster on Monday Jan 30 1737 8 by Martin Lord Bishop of Glocester
Coquelicots de Provence 2019 Photos des coquelicots de Provence
The Christians Gain by Death a Funeral Sermon Occasiond by the Death of the Reverend Mr Joseph Stennett Late Minister of the Gospel Preachd August the 22d 1713 by Nathanael Hodges
A Sermon Preachd at St Brides Before the Lord-Mayor and Court of Aldermen on Monday in Easter-Week 1712 by John Lord Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry
The Word of God a Hid Treasure Being the Substance of a Sermon Delivered at Heptonstall February 29 1775 by Thomas Taylor the Second Edition
A Sermon Preachd at the Abbey-Church at Bath on Sunday April 23 1749 for the Support of the General Hospital by Mr Edward Bayly
Kleineren Herrschaften Der Eifel Im 14 Jahrhundert Blankenheim Manderscheid Und Virneburg Die
A Pair of Lyric Epistles to Lord Macartney and His Ship by Peter Pindar Esq
The Sacrifice of Gratitude a Sermon Preached at the Anniversary Feast of the Charterhouse Scholars in the Chappel Dec 12 1702 by John Griffith
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Landaff in June 1798 by R Watson
Flight to Embrace
Finn and Remy Explore Dallas An Illustrated Guidebook
Quicksand and Passing
A Discourse Delivered in the Church of St John Baptist Wakefield June the 25th 1798 Before the Society of Free and Accepted Masons of the Lodge of Unanimity
The House of Mirrors
The Modern Art of Boxing as Practised by Mendoza Humphreys Ryan Ward Wason Johnson and Other Eminent Pugilists Also the Six Lessons of Mendoza as Published by Him for the Use of His Scholars
State Secrets Tall Dark Westmoreland!
The New Cheats of London Exposed Or the Frauds and Tricks of the Town Laid Open to Both Sexes Being a Guard Against the Iniquitous Practices of That Metropolis
Howard Pyles Book of Pirates
Some Brief Critical Remarks on Dr Clarkes Last Papers Which Are His Reply to Mr Nelson and an Anonymous Writer and the Author of Some Considerations c by John Edwards DD
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster on Thursday November 29 1759 Being the Day Appointed for a Public Thanksgiving for the Signal Successes of His Majestys Arms c by Richard Dayrell DD
Philosophical Works On the Relation of Philosophy to Theology
Some Remarks Occasiond by the Revd Mr Maddens Scheme and Objections Raisd Against It by One That Is No Projector
A Short Account of the Life and Death of Miss Alice Gilbert Who Died August the 27th 1772 in the Nineteenth Year of Her Age
Struggles for Freedom Afghanistan and Us Foreign Policy Since 1979
The Art of Politicks in Imitation of Horaces Art of Poetry Humbly Addressd to the Right Honourable ***** ***** and James Duke Heidegger Esq Written by Messieurs A Pope and J Gay the Fourth Edition Carefully Revised and Corrected
The Genuine Trial of Marie Antoinette Late Queen of France Containing All the Charges Brought Against Her the Whole Displaying a Number of Facts with a General View of the Causes of the Late Revolution in France
The Charge of Judge Paterson to the Jury in the Case of Van Hornes Lessee Against Dorrance Tried at a Circuit Court for the United States Held at Philadelphia April Term 1795 Wherein the Controverted Title to the Wyoming Lands
A True Relation of the Life and Sufferings of John Nisbet in Hardhill His Last Testimony to the Truth With a Short Account of His Last Words on the Scaffold December 4 1685 Never Hitherto Published
A Serious Answer to Dr Trapps Four Sermons on the Sin Folly and Danger of Being Righteous Over Much Extracted from Mr Law by John Wesley
A Sermon Delivered at Rutland Wednesday January 1st 1800 Before a Numerous Audience Assembled to Publicly Mourn the Death of General George Washington
The Messiah a Sacred Oratorio as It Is to Be Performd for Charity in the Octogon Chapel Milsom-Street Bath on Wednesday the 28th and Thursday the 29th of October
A Sermon Preached Before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts At Their Anniversary Meeting in the Parish-Church of St Mary-Le-Bow on Friday February 20 1735 by John Lynch
The Speech of the Right Honourable Lord Mansfield in the House of Lords in the Cause Between the City of London and the Dissenters
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords in the Abbey-Church of Westminster on Friday Jan 30 1746-7 by Richard Lord Bishop of St Davids
The Sources of Corrupting Both Natural and Revealed Religion Exemplified in the Romish Doctrine of Penance and Pilgrimages a Sermon Preached at Salters-Hall February 27 1734-5 by Jeremiah Hunt DD the Third Edition
The Cottage Cook Or Mrs Joness Cheap Dishes Shewing the Way to Do Much Good with Little Money
An Hospital for Fools a Dramatic Fable as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal by His Majestys Servants to Which Is Added the Songs the Musick by Mr Arne
The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ Considered a Sermon Preachd in Gravel-Lane Southwark January 2 1737-8 by Joseph Denham
The Predictions of Christ and the Apostles Concerning the End of the World Strictures on a Sermon Preached Before the University of Cambridge May XXIII MDCCXC by Thomas Edwards LLD by the Rev GA Thomas
A Cottagers Remarks on the Farmers Spirit of Party
The Triumphant Exit of a Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ Set Forth in a Sermon Preachd on Occasion of the Death of the Revd John Harrison MA with Some Additions by Thomas Davidson
The Watchmans Answer to the Question What of the Night a Sermon Preached to the Society Which Support the Wednesdays Evening Lecture in Great East-Cheap December 27 1750 by John Gill the Fourth Edition
The Authentic Account of Mr Gawlers Being Turned Out of the Army Together with All the Papers on the Subject
The Reasonableness and Necessity of Standing Fast in Christian and English Liberty a Sermon Preachd in the Parish-Churches of St George and St Thomas in Southwark on Sunday September 29 1745 by Thomas Wingfield
The Second Epistle of the Second Book of Horace Imitated by Mr Pope
A Discourse on the Importance of Right Sentiments in Religion as to Their Influence on the Moral Character of Mankind by Benjamin Cracknell
The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Marriage-State as Entered Into with Religious or Irreligious Persons Represented Under the Similitude of a Dream
A Fair Way with the Dissenters and Their Patrons Not Writ by Mr L-----Y or Any Other Furious Jacobite Whether Clergyman or Layman But by a Very Moderate Person and Dutiful Subject to the Queen
An Address to His Excellency William Earl of Harrington Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland as It Was Presented to Him on Tuesday the Third Instant by Charles Lucas
The Perfections of God a Standing Rule to Try All Doctrines and Experience By a Poem Humbly Offered to the Consideration of Mr J Wesley and His Followers with Other Occasional Poems by the Author of Perseverance a Poem a New Edition
A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Worcester Occasioned by His Strictures on Archbishop Secker and Bishop Lowth in His Life of Bishop Warburton the Second Edition by a Member of the University of Oxford
A Sermon on the Glorious Kingdom of Christ Upon Earth or the Millennium Preached at Christ-Church Dublin on the Second Sunday in Advent 1747 by Robert Hort
The Plebeian No II Considerations Upon the Reports Relating to the Peerage Continued And Remarks Upon the Pamphlets That Have Been Writ for the Supposed Bill by a Member of the House of Commons the Second Edition
The Christians Life a Hidden Life Being a Sermon Lately Preachd at Reading Occasiond by the Death of the Reverend Mr Samuel Doolitell Who Departed This Life on the 10th Day of April Last Past by James Waters
The Spirit of Popery Set Forth in a View of the Reformation Or Mercy and Truth in the Church of England a Sermon Preachd at the Parish-Church of St George the Martyr in Southwark November the 6th 1715 by Nathaniel Hough
The Life of Thomas Egerton Lord Chancellor of England
A Sermon Preached at Richmond in Surry on July 29th 1784 the Day Appointed for a General Thanksgiving on Account of the Peace by Gilbert Wakefield
The Grave a Poem by Robert Blair
An Investigation of the Principles of Progressive and Rotatory Motion by the Rev S Vince Read at the Royal Society June 15 1780
A Description of the Parish of Melrose In Answer to Mr Maitlands Queries Sent to Each Parish of the Kingdom the Second Edition Corrected
An Essay Towards the Character of Her Late Majesty Caroline Queen-Consort of Great Britain c the Third Edition
An Historical Account of the Bitter Sufferings and Melancholly Circumstances of the Episcopal Church in Scotland Under the Barbarous Usage and Bloody Persecution of the Presbyterian Church Government
A Compendium of Logic the Third Edition Enlarged
A Catalogue of the Very Singular Heraldical Library of the Late John Warburton Esq Somerset Herald at Arms Which Will Be Sold by Auction by Mr King Junr on Friday July 5 1799
The Censoriad a Poem Written Originally by Martin Gulliver the Second Edition
The History of Hester Wilmot Or the Second Part of the Sunday School
An Answer to Mr Mists Journal of the Twenty-Eight of January No93 in a Letter to the Author of It
The Per-Juror as It Is Acted at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn Fields
The Deserted Village a Poem by Dr Goldsmith the Second Edition
The Dream Or a Flight to the Regions of Knowledge and a Rapid Return with the Produce Shewing a True Portrait of the Times Past Present and to Come
An Innocent Game for Babes in Grace Or Diversion for Infants at the Hole of the Asp by William Huntington SS Second Edition
A Discourse Delivered to the Students of the Royal Academy on the Distribution of the Prizes December 10 1772 by the President
A Letter to the Author of the History of the Lutheran Church from a Country School-Boy
The Blessedness of Christians After Death with the Character of the Right Honourable Henry Compton DD Late Lord Bishop of London Deliverd in a Sermon at St Martins in the Fields July the 19th 1713 by John Cockburn
An Address to the Public By Christopher Atkinson Esq
An Historical Account of Kirkstall-Abbey Near Leeds in Yorkshire
A Discourse Delivered in the New Dutch Church Nassau Street on Tuesday the 21st of October 1794 Before the New York Society for the Information and Assistance of Persons Emigrating from Foreign Countries by Thomas Dunn an Emigrant
A Sermon Preachd Before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster on Wednesday March 15 1709 10 by Philip Bisse DD
A Sermon on Remission of Sins According to the Scriptures and the Doctrine of the Church of England by Thomas Brett
The Duty and Excellence of Thanksgiving a Sermon Preachd Before the Lord-Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London at the Cathedral Church of St Paul on Friday May 29 1730 by John Middleton
A Letter to the Proprietors of East India Stock
The Clergymans Thanks to Phileleutherus for His Remarks on the Late Discourse of Free-Thinking in a Letter to Dr Bentley
The Mourning Bride a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres- Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden by Mr Congreve
The Sower Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in the County of Antrim in Ireland in the Year 1748 by John Cennick
A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of York on Friday the 6th of February 1756 Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast by John Fountayne DD
A British Philippic Inscribed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Granville
The Fall of Egypt An Oratorio as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane Written by the Late John Hawkesworth LLD and Set to Musick by John Stanley
A Short Dissertation on the Gout Wherein the Universal Fear of Doing Anything to Ease or Cure It Will Be Proved to Be a Mere Bug-Bear by John Douglas
An Ode on the Death of His Royal Highness Frederick Prince of Wales Translated from the Latin Original by the Author
The Peoples Ancient and Just Liberties Asserted in the Trial of William Penn William Mead at the Sessions Held at the Old Bailey in London 1670
The Common Frog Collection 2019 Informed collection of images from the lifecycle of the Common frog
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords in the Abbey Church of Westminster on Friday February 16 1759 by Robert Lord Bishop of St Asaph
A Letter to His Grace the Duke of Grafton First Commissioner of His Majestys Treasury the Third Edition
The Gift and Office of the Holy Ghost Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in Little Sommerford in Wiltshire in the Year 1740 by John Cennick the Third Edition
A Letter from Mr Maccartney to a Friend of His in London Dated at Ostend Dec 4-15 1712 Giving a Particular Account of What Passd Before and at the Unfortunate Duel Between His Grace the D of Hamilton and L Mohun
The Happy Captive an English Opera with an Interlude in Two Comick Scenes Betwixt Signor Capoccio and Signora Dorinna
The True Method of Propagating Religion and Loyalty a Sermon Preachd in the Parish Church of St Mary in White Chapel on Sunday the 24th of October 1714 by Joseph Acres the Second Edition
The Doctrine of Passive Obedience and Non-Resistance Stated And Its Consistence with Theology Reason and Policy Impartially Considerd
A Letter to the Author of Christianity as Old as the Creation Upon the Immorality of Fornication with Remarks Upon Jephthahs Vow And Upon Israels Borrowing Jewels of Egypt by Anthony Holbrook
A Sermon Preached at the Cathedral Church of St Paul Before the Lord Mayor the Aldermen and the Liveries of the Several Companies of This City on Tuesday May 29 1744 by Thomas Persehowse
Revue dArtillerie Vol 18 Paraissant Le 15 de Chaque Mois Neuvieme Annee Avril-Septembre 1881
Le Progres Intellectual Dans lHumanite
F W Hacklanders Werke Vol 27
Oeuvres Completes Du Chancelier dAguesseau Vol 7 Contenant Les Seize Dernieres Requetes Et Une Dissertation Sur Les Batards
Bulletin de la Societe dAgriculture Sciences Et Arts de la Sarthe Vol 34 1893 Et 1894
Histoire Des Revolutions dItalie Ou Guelfes Et Gibelins Vol 1
Die Genesis Oder Das Erste Buch Mose
Histoire de France Avant Clovis LOrigine Des Francois Et Leur Etablissement Dans Les Gaules lEtat de la Religion Et La Conduite Des Eglises Dans Les Gaules Jusquau Regne de Clovis
Sciences Et Lettres Au Moyen Age Et A lEpoque de la Renaissance
LHahnemannisme 1872 Vol 4 Journal de la Medecine Homeopathique
Neues Lausitzisches Magazin 1871 Vol 48
Memoires Pour lHistoire Des Sciences Et Des Beaux-Arts Vol 1 Commences dEtre Imprimes lAn 1701 A Trevoux Et Dedies a Son Altesse Serenissime Monseigneur Le Prince Souverain de Dombes Aout 1739
M Tullii Ciceronis Familiarium Epistolarum Libri XVI Cum Hubertini Crescentinatis Martini Philetici Iod Badii Ascensij Ioan Baptistae Egnatii Et Pauli Manutii AB Ipso Proxime Recognitis Emendatis Atq Auctis Commentariis Et Aliorum Doctissimoru
Memoires Pour Servir A lHistoire de France Sous Le Gouvernement de Napoleon Buonaparte Et Pendant lAbsence de la Maison de Bourbon Vol 9 Contenant Des Anecdotes Particulieres Sur Les Principaux Personnages de Ce Temps
Histoire Politique Et Religieuse de lEglise Metropolitaine Et Du Diocese de Rouen Vol 2
Archiv Der Mathematik Und Physik 1857 Vol 29 Mit Besonderer Rucksicht Auf Die Bedurfnisse Der Lehrer an Hoeheren Unterrichtsanstalten
Anzeiger Fur Kunde Der Deutschen Vorzeit 1859 Vol 6 Organ Des Germanischen Museums
Groenland Geographisch Und Statistisch Beschrieben Aus Danischen Quellschriften
Zeitung Fur Die Elegante Welt 1837
Mittheilungen Des Instituts Fur Oesterreichische Geschichtsforschung Vol 18
Letture Italiane
Des Cardinals Und Bischofs Nicolaus Von Cusa Wichtigste Schriften In Deutscher Uebersetzung
La Cuisine Classique Vol 2 Etudes Pratiques Raisonnees Et Demonstratives de lEcole Francaise
Der Deutsche Kaisersaal Vaterlandisches Gemalde
The Thoughts of an Honest Tory Upon the Present Proceedings of That Party in a Letter to a Friend in Town
The Conference a Poem by C Churchill
A Sermon Preachd in the Church of Kilcollum on the Fifth of June 1748 in Vindication of the Religious Worship Due to Jesus Christ by the Reverend Samuel Henry
The Full Extent of the Doctrine of Christian Moderation and Peace a Sermon Lately Preachd in the Parish Church of St Benedict Fink by Matthew Audley
A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the Rev Mr James Caldwell in Ushers Quay Meeting-House the 16th of June 1763 by Charles Mac Collum
The Birth-Day Or the Prince of Arragon a Dramatick Piece with Songs in Two Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Hay-Market Written by J OKeeffe
A Funeral Sermon on Occasion of the Death of the Reverend Mr Timothy Jollie Who Departed This Life August 3 1757 Preached to the Church of Which He Was Pastor by David Jennings DD
The Divine Life Or Christ Within Us a Sermon on Rom VIII 6 by a Methodist the Second Edition
The Saint at Rest Being the Substance of a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mrs Mary Lane Who Departed This Life October 14 1773 by T Grove
An Argument Concerning the Militia
A Sermon Preached on Wednesday the 21st of February MDCCLXXXI the Late Day of National Humiliation to a Congregation of Protestant-Dissenters in Saint Saviour-Gate York by Newcome Cappe
A Sermon Preached Before the Right Hon the Lord-Mayor at the Cathedral Church of St Paul on Thursday January 30th 1752 by Comelius Murdin
The Exorbitant Grants of William the III Examind and Questiond Shewing That Kings Set Up by Parliament Can Dispose of No Lands But with the Consent of Parliament Which Renders William the Thirds Grants Totally Void the Second Edition
The Glory of Spain Subdud by British Valour a Poetical Narrative of the Taking the Gloriosa Spanish Man of War Written by a Gentleman on Board the King George During the Action
A Letter from a Curate of Suffolk to a High-Church Member Concerning the D of M and Mr W--Le
An Account of the Last Words of Christian Ker Who Died at Edinburgh on the 4th of February 1702 in the 11th Year of Her Age by Mr Archibald Deans
A Sermon Preachd Novemb 29 1709 in Whitestreet Southwark Upon Occasion of a Fast Observd by Several Congregations in and about London by Nathanael Hodges
A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of E- B- Esq in the Parish Church of Lewisham in Kent by the Rev J Morton
A Brief Account of a New Invention for Which Has Been Obtained His Majestys Royal Letters Patent Published by the Patentee Christopher Chrysel
A Sermon Preachd at the Assizes Held at Kingston Upon Thames on Thursday March the 13th 1706 7 by John Haslewood
The Superiority of Religious Duties to Worldly Considerations a Sermon Preached in the Unitarian Chapel in Essex-Street London Sunday April XX MDCCC by John Disney
A Sermon Preachd at the Assizes at Hertford July 16 1716 by William Hawtayne
A Sermon Preachd at Faringdon in the County of Berks June 24th 1717 by Joseph Stockwell
An Argument to Prove the Affections of the People of England to Be the Best Security of the Government Humbly Offerd to the Consideration of the Patrons of Severity and Applied to the Present Juncture of Affairs
Mr Sheridans Argument in the Case of Daly Against Magee on a Motion to Discharge the Defendant on Common Bail
The Court of Alexander an Opera in Two Acts as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden
A Discourse Delivered to the Students of the Royal Academy on the Distribution of the Prizes December 10 1782 by the President
Alex Popes Essay on Man
Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Dysenteria Quam Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Joannes Morgan
The Death and Burial of John Asgill Esq With Some Other Verses Occasiond by His Books
Antigono Dramma Per Musica Pel Teatro Di SMB
Edinburgh 2D June 1800 the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland Considering That the Judgment Which Has Been Ultimately Pronounced by the House of Lords in the Cause Relating to the Schoolmaster of Bothwell
Extracts from an Essay on Christian Education by Monro
Poems on a Variety of Interesting Subjects Both Moral and Religious to Which Are Added Two Poems by the Late Dr Watts
The Use of the Mathematical Instrument Called a Quadrant With Which Plainly and Easily to Know the Exact Height and Distance of Any Steeple the Seventh Edition Wherein the Mistakes in the Former Are Corrected
Amaranthus A Poem Dedicated to the Memory of the Rt Hon Anthony Ashley Cooper Late Earl of Shaftsbury by the Reverend Richard Michell
The Danger of the Protestant Religion Considerd from the Present Prospect of a Religious War in Europe
There Must Be Heresies a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford at St Marys on Sunday September 2 1733 by Edward Ballard
The Drop and Pill of Mr Ward Considerd As Well in Respect to Their Composition as Their Operation and Effects in an Epistle to Dr James Jurin from Daniel Turner
Religion the Best Security to Church and State a Sermon Preachd at the Assizes Held at Kingston in Surrey March the 10th 17 14 15 by Edm Gibson
Faction Displayd a Poem from a Corrected Copy
Every Man the Architect of His Own Fortune Or the Art of Rising in the Church a Satyre by Mr Scott
A Treatise of the Mechanical Powers to Which Are Added Several Useful Improvements in Mill Work Bevel Geer Friction the Best Shape for Teeth in Wheels c by John Imison
Dissertatio Physica Inauguralis de Pubertate Quam Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Thomas Miller
God Not the Origin of Evil Being an Additional Sermon to a Collection of Mr Colliers Discourses c
An Exmoor Scolding in the Propriety and Decency of Exmoor Language Between Two Sisters Wilmot Moreman and Thomasin Moreman As They Were Spinning Also an Exmoor Courtship the Tenth Edition Wherein Are Now Added a Vocabulary
The Great End and Design of Christianity In a Sermon Preached by Z Cradock
The Entertainments Set to Musick for the Comic-Dramatick Opera Called the Ladys Triumph Written by Mr Theobald and Set to Musick by Mr Galliard
Gods Goodness and Mans Ingratitude Considerd in a Sermon Preachd at the Parish-Church of All-Saints Northampton on February 11 1757 by TRichards
The Signs of the Times a Sermon Preached Before the Lord-Mayor at the Cathedral of St Paul on Friday the 8th of December 1721 by Edmund Massey the Fourth Edition
The Royal Conference or a Dialogue Between G *** E the IID of E***d and L**s the XV of F***e
The Pretences of the Prince of Wales Examind and Rejected in a Letter to a Friend in the Country
The Humble Representation of Stevens Totton Citizen and Mercer of London to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and the Gentlemen of the Common Council of the City of London
The Songs in Jack the Gyant Queller an Antique History by Henry Brooke Esq the Second Edition
The Trial of Renwick Williams (Commonly Called the Monster) at the Old Bailey on Thursday the 8th of July 1790 Before Judge Buller and a Middlesex Jury for Assaulting and Wounding Miss Ann Porter Taken in Short-Hand by L Williams
The Son-In-Law a Comic Opera In Two Acts by John OKeeffe Esq
The Dutch-Man a Musical Entertainment as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in the Hay-Market by Thomas Bridges Esq
A Sermon Preachd Before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster on Wednesday January XXX 1705 6 Being the Anniversary Day of Fasting and Humiliation for the Murder of King Charles the First by White Kennett
An Address to the People of Great Britain by R Watson Fifth Edition
A Short Sketch of the Revolution in 1688 With Observations on That Event by Laelius the Second Edition Much Enlarged and Illustrated
The Cheats of Scapin as It Is Acted at the Theatre in Dublin Written by Mr Thomas Otway
A Letter to the House of Peers on the Present Bill Depending in Parliament Relative to the Prince of Waless Debts by a Hanoverian
The Rights and Liberties of Englishmen Asserted with a Collection of Statutes and Records of Parliament Against Foreigners Shewing That by the Constitution of England No Outlandish Man Whether Naturalizd or Not Is Capable of Any Office
The Spirit of Contradiction a New Comedy of Two Acts as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden by a Gentleman of Cambridge the Second Edition
The Pretended Puritan a Farce of Two Acts by Thomas Horde Jun Esq
A Sermon Preached at the Cathedral-Church of Salisbury October 6 1745 on Occasion of the Rebellion in Scotland by the Right Reverend Thomas Lord Bishop of Salisbury
A Particular or Inventory of All and Singular the Lands Tenements and Hereditaments Goods Chattels Debts and Personal Estate Whatsoever of Mr John Gore Together with the Abstract of the Same
The Gamester a True Story On Which the Tragedy of That Name Now Acting at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane Is Founded Translated from the Italian
An Account of the Success of Inoculating the Small Pox in Great Britain for the Year 1724 with a Comparison Between the Miscarriages in That Practice and the Mortality of the Natural Small Pox by James Jurin
A Serious Address to the Electors of Great-Britain on the Subject of Short Parliaments and an Equal Representation
The Reasonableness of Mending and Executing the Laws Against Papists Humbly Offered to the Consideration of All That Have a Regard for the Dignity of Our Sovereign and the Liberty of Great Britain
Loire-Atlantique entre terre et mer 2019 Paysages de Loire-Atlantique
The Works of Monsieur Voiture in Two Volumes Translated by the Most Eminent Hands the Third Edition Revised and Corrected Throughout by the Last Edition Printed at Paris Addressed to Miss Blount by Mr Pope of 2 Volume 1
A Monody on the Death of Mr John Henderson Late of Covent-Garden Theatre by George Davies Harley of the Theatre-Royal Norwich
A Discourse Delivered on the Fast-Day in February 1799 in the Church of St Lawrence Winchester by the Rev Henry Gabell the Second Edition
A Genuine History of That Noted Pyrate Tulagee Angria with a Curious Narrative by Admiral Watson and Colonel Clive in a Letter to a Merchant in London from a Factor at Bombay
A Sermon Preached Before the Grand Lodge of the Most Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of England According to the Old Constitutions at Camberwell Church on Tuesday the 24th Day of June 1788 by Colin Milne
The Ambitious Stepmother a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden by Nicholas Rowe Esq
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons at the Church of St John the Evangelist Wesminster on Wednesday March 12 1800 Being the Day Appointed as a Day of Solemn Fasting and Humiliation by the Reverend Arthur Onslow
A Sermon Preachd in Gravel-Lane Southwark Jan 1 1719 by Jabez Earle
The Jew a Comedy As Performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane by Richard Cumberland Esq
The Stratford Jubilee a New Comedy of Two Acts as It Has Been Lately Exhibited at Stratford Upon Avon with Great Applause to Which Is Prefixed Scrubs Trip to the Jubilee
The Abuse of Standing Parliaments and the Great Advantage of Frequent Elections in a Letter to a Noble Lord
A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of Hereford at the Meeting of the Three Choirs of Worcester Hereford and Gloucester September IX MDCCLXXXIX by John Napleton
An Essay on Man in Epistles to a Friend Epistle I Corrected by the Author
The Office and Good Work of a Bishop a Sermon Preachd in Lambeth-Chappel at the Consecration of William Lord Bishop of Lincoln on Sunday Octob 21 1705 by White Kennett
The History of Isaac Jenkins and of the Sickness of Sarah His Wife and Their Three Children
A Quarter of an Hours Amusement by W N H
Chevaux et Sport 2019 Serie de 12 tableaux pour mettre en valeur la beaute des Pur Sang en action
A glance at France 2019 A look at France
The Merry Wives of Windsor a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden by Shakespeare
The Candidate a Poem by C Churchill
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy at York June 16th 1784 by William Cooper
The Scriptures the Only Guide in Matters of Religion a Sermon Preached at the Baptism of Several Persons in Barbican November 2 1750 by John Gill
The Obligation of Doing as We Would Be Done By Recommended a Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St Andrew Holborn on January the 30th 1755 by Thomas Smith
Jazz Moments UK-Version 2019 Black and white images of well-known jazz musicians
The Description and Use of a Case of Mathematical Instruments Particularly of All the Lines Contained on the Plain Scale with a Practical Application the Whole Illustrated by Copper-Plate Figures by Benjamin Martin
An Heroic Poem on the Memorable Battle Fought at Blenheim by Robert Ormsbye First Printed in the Year 1708 and Now Re-Printed for the Benefit of the Authors Only Son and Translated Into English Verse by LW
An Evening Walk an Epistle In Verse Addressed to a Young Lady from the Lakes of the North of England by W Wordsworth
An Account of Some Experiments on Mercury Made at Guildford in May 1782 in the Laboratory of J Price MDFRS the Second Edition
An Authentic Narrative of the Proceedings Under a Commission of Bankruptcy Against John Perrott Who Was Executed for Concealing His Effects Published Under the Inspection of the Principal Acting Assignee of 2 Volume 2
The Battle of the Flying Dragon and the Man of Heaton
A Synopsis or General View of the Works of Plato
The Union Cease Your Funning Or the Rebel Detected Fourth Edition
The False Alarm Or the Americans Mistaken
The Assertion Is That the Title of the House of Hannover to the Succession of the British Monarchy (on Failure of Issue of Her Present Majesty) Is a Title Hereditary and of Divine Institution the Third Edition
An Account of the Bank of Loan at Amsterdam Commonly Called the Lombard by Philopolis
A Letter to MR Law Upon His Arrival in Great Britain the Second Edition
An Astronomical Diary Or Almanack for the Year of Our Lord Christ 1772 Calculated for the Meridian of Boston New-England Lat 42 25 North by Nathaniel Ames
The Merry Miscellany Being the Second Part of Daniel Gunstons Jests c Or a New Collection of Diverting Jests Merry Adventures in Part I Whimsical Epigrams Comical Questions in Part II
An Authentic Narrative of the Proceedings Under a Commission of Bankruptcy Against John Perrott Who Was Executed for Concealing His Effects Published Under the Inspection of the Principal Acting Assignee of 2 Volume 1
The Speech of Henry Sacheverell DD Made in Westminster-Hall on Tuesday March 7 1709 10
A Short Treatise on the Game of Quadrille Shewing the Odds of Winning or Losing Most Games That Are Commonly Played to Which Is Added the Laws of the Game by Edmond Hoyle Gent
The Bishop of Elys Thanksgiving-Sermon Preachd on the Seventh of June 1716 Done Into Verse
A Plan of a Course of Lectures on Arts and Manufactures More Particularly Such as Relate to Chemistry by William Farish
The Blunders of Loyalty and Other Miscellaneous Poems Being a Selection of Certain Ancient Poems Together with the Original Notes and Illustrations c the Poems Modernized by Ferdinando Fungus Gent
A Second Set of Select Pieces for the Organ Performed at the Church of St George Hanover-Square Dedicated to the Right Honble Lady Viscountess Cranborne by John Keeble
A Discourse Concerning the Stunsfield Tessellated Pavement with Some New Observations about the Roman Inscription That Relates to the Bath Fabrica and an Account of the Custom of the Mannor of Woodstock
Ministerial Artifice Detected Or a Full Answer to a Pamphlet Lately Published Intitled the Interests of the Empress Queen the Kings of France and Spain c Betrayed in the Preliminary Articles at Aix-La-Chapelle
The Ax Laid to the Root Or Reasons Humbly Offered for Putting the Popish Clergy in Ireland Under Some Better Regulations
A Discourse Delivered in the Church in Brattle Street in Boston Tuesday June 11th 1799 Before the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Isaac Hurd AM Fellow of the Massachusetts Medical Society
Reflections on the Repeal of the Marriage-Act Now Under Consideration of Parliament
Some Animadversions Upon the Necessity of Continuing the Present Parliament During the War with Spain
For Christ or Antichrist or the Great Difference Betwixt the Saving Religion of the Gospel of Christ and the New Trent Religion of the Pope Set in a Clear Light
The Coalition Or an Historical Memorial of the Negotiation for Peace Between His High Mightiness of C----M----T and His Sublime Excellency of H---Y---S the Second Edition
The Rules and By-Laws of the Charleston Library Society And the Act of the Legislature of South-Carolina Incorporating the Said Society with the Royal Confirmation the Fourth Edition
Thoughts on Duelling
Memoirs of the Queen of Hungary Written by Herself and Found in Vienna After She Had Retired from That City Done Into English from the Antwerp Edition
Olivers Pocket Looking-Glass New Framed and Cleand to Give a Clear View of the Great Modern Colossus the Fourth Edition To Which Are Added Supplement and a PostScript
Court and Country a Play as It Is Acted in All the Countries of the Kingdom
Experimental Observations on the Water of the Mineral Spring Near Islington Commonly Called New Tunbridge Wells Tending as Well to Explain and Illustrate the General Nature of Chalybeat Waters a New Edition
Thoughts on Gallantry Love and Marriage
The Priest Gelded Or Popery at the Last Gasp Shewing the Absolute Necessity of Passing a Law for the Castration of Popish Ecclesiastics in Great-Britain
Advice to Young People
The Bear-Leaders Or Modern Travelling Stated in a Proper Light in a Letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of ***
Thoughts on the Education of a Prince of Wales In a Letter to a Friend
The Tryals of Haagen Swendsen Sarah Baynton John Hartwell and John Spurr for Feloniously Stealing Mrs Pleasant Rawlins a Virgin and Heiress of a Considerable Fortune at the Queens Bench Bar at Westminster Nov 25 1702
The State Juggler Or Sir Politick Ribband a New Excise Opera NB with This Opera Is Given Gratis Britannia Excisa and the Excise Congress Printed on a Large Sheet
Work for an Excellent Scholar Containing an Examination of Several Mis-Translated Texts of Scripture
Cupid and Psyche Or Colombine-Courtezan a Dramatic Pantomime Entertainment Interspersd with Ballad Tunes as It Is Performd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants
Alphonso and Elinor or the Mysterious Discovery
Instructions for Children
Jack the Gyant-Killer A Comi-Tragical Farce of One Act as It Is Acted at the New-Theatre in the Hay-Market
A State of the Case in Regard to the Point in Dispute Between Mr Mosse and Mr Sheridan
The Last Will and Testament of the Most Reverend Father in God Thomas Tenison Late Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury Who Departed This Life in Peace on the Fourteenth Day of December 1715
The Duty of Publick Intercession and Thanksgiving for Princes a Sermon Preached at the Cathedral of Norwich on the 20th of October 1722 by W Broome AM
A Letter to the Rev Mr Wesley on the Death of the Rev Mr Fletcher Vicar of Madeley in Shropshire
An Exhortation to Purity and Peace a Sermon Preachd in the Parish-Church of St Mary Le Bow on Sunday March 26 1710 by Samuel Bradford DD
A Letter to the Rev Mr Joseph Warton Chiefly Relating to the Composition of Greek Indexes and the Advantage to Be Received from It in Learning the Greek Language
The Divine Mission of Gospel-Ministers With the Obligations Upon All Pious and Rich Christians to Promote It Set Forth In a Sermon Preachd Before the Lord Mayor by Philip Stubs
A Sermon Preached in the Parish-Church of Wandsworth in the County of Surrey on May 16 1748 at the Funeral of the Reverend Thomas Cawley by Thomas Church
A Sermon Preachd in the Parish Church of St Martin-Ludgate October the 10th 1714 by William Whitfeld
A Letter to the Right Honourable Charles James Fox One of His Majestys Principal Secretaries of State by Major John Scott
A Fourth Letter to the Commons and Citizens of the City of Dublin
An Heroic Epistle from Donna Teresa Pinna Ruiz of Murcia to Richard Twiss Esq FRS with Several Explanatory Notes Written by Himself
A Sermon Preached at S Margarets Church Westminster on Thursday October 9 1746 by John Butler
A Poem Addressed to the Armies of the United States of America by David Humphries
The Voice of Rejoicing in the Tabernacles of the Righteous a Sermon Preached at York on the 27th of November 1757 Just Upon Receiving the Account of the King of Prussias Victory by Newcome Cappe the Sixth Edition
A Sermon Preachd to the Societies for Reformation of Manners at St Mary-Le-Bow on Monday December the Thirty First 1711 by Charles Lord Bishop of Norwich
The Feminiad a Poem by John Duncombe
The Cobler of Preston as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal in London and Dublin Written by Mr Johnson
The Lost Sheep Piece of Silver and Prodigal Son Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in the County of Antrim in Ireland in the Year 1750 by John Cennick the Fifth Edition
A Sermon Preachd at Ely-House Chapel in Holbourn On Thursday June 7 1716 by William Lord Bishop of Ely
The Excellent Daughter a Sermon for the Relief of the Poor Girls Taught and Cloathed by Charity Within the Parish of St Botolph Aldgate February 15 1707 8
A Sermon Preachd Before the Queen at the Cathedral Church of St Paul London on the 23d of August 1705 by Richard Willis
The Causes of Britains Being Become a Reproach to Her Neighbours a Sermon Preachd at Roehampton in the County of Surrey on Wednesday January 9 1739 Being the Day Appointed by Proclamation for a Solemn Fast c by Mr Miller
A Discourse Against Self-Murder Preached at South-Audley-Chapel January the 12th 1755 by Francis Ayscough
Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
King Stephen and the Anarchy Civil War and Military Tactics in Twelfth-Century Britain
Implementing Occupation-centred Practice A Practical Guide for Occupational Therapy Practice Learning
Money What It Is How Its Created Who Gets It and Why It Matters
Is the Cemetery Dead
OCR A Level Mathematics Year 2
Obesity 2nd Edition
Air Modellers Guide to Wingnut Wings Volume 2
The Girls Guide to Growing Up Great Changing Bodies Periods Relationships Life Online
Remembering Independence
Singing with Your Whole Self A Singers Guide to Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement
Public Law
Gender and the Law
Child Abuse and Neglect Cross-Cultural Perspectives
New Mutants Epic Collection Curse Of The Valkyries
Jainism and Ethical Finance A Timeless Business Model
401 The Man who Ran 401 Marathons in 401 Days and Changed his Life Forever
Diving Medical Acupuncture Treatment and Prevention of Diving Medical Problems with a Focus on ENT Disorders
Mental Health in Rural America A Field Guide
What is this thing called Knowledge
Anxiety and Panic Attacks Your Questions Answered
Social and Moral Values Individual and Societal Perspectives
Young People Reading Empirical Research Across International Contexts
Allgemeine Missions-Zeitschrift 1904 Vol 31 Monatshefte Fir Geschichtliche Und Theoretische Missionskunde
Neue Kritische Jahrbicher Fir Deutsche Rechtswissenschaft 1845 Vol 8 Vierter Jahrgang
Miei Ricordi 1850-1859 Vol 3
First Bismarck Vol 5 Sein Politisches Leben Und Wirken Urkundlich in Thatsachen Und Des Firsten Eigenen Kundgebungen 1885-1890 Bis Zum Ricktritt Des Firsten
Supplemento i Colleciio DOS Tratados Conveniies Contratos E Actos Publicos Celebrados Entre a Coria de Portugal E a Mais Potencias Desde 1640 Vol 26
Obras de D Antonio Aparisi y Guijarro Vol 5 Escritos y Discursos Forenses
Storia Generale Dellinquisizione Vol 3 Corredata Da Rarissimi Documenti Opera Postuma
Nouvelles Archives Du Commerce Et de lIndustrie Agricole Et Manufacturiire Ou Recueil de Tous Les Documens Officiels Commerciaux de France Et de litranger 1841 Vol 23 Tels Que Lois Tarifs Et Riglemens de Douanes Traitis de Commerce Avis Et F
Franz Von Baaders Gesammelte Schriften Zur Philosophischen Grundwissenschaft Oder Metaphysik
Vaterlindische Geschichten Und Denkwirdigkeiten Der Vorzeit Der Lande Braunschweig Und Hannover Vol 1 Braunschweig
O Investigador Portuguez Em Inglaterra Ou Jornal Literario Politico c Vol 21 Marco 1818
Das Birgerliche Gesetzbuch Fir Das Kinigreich Sachsen Vol 1 Nach Den Hierzu Ergangen Entscheidungen Der Spruchbehirden Erliutert Und Unter Bericksichtigung Der Neueren Gesetzgebung Herausgegeben
Somme de la Thiologie Morale Et Canonique
Weltgeschichte Vol 1 Die ilteste Historische Vilkergruppe Und Die Griechen
Deutscher Bihnen-Almanach 1863 Vol 27
The New Monthly Magazine and Humorist Vol 83 Being the Second Part for 1948
Serapeum 1865 Vol 26 Zeitschrift Fir Bibliothekwissenschaft Handschriftenkunde Und iltere Litteratur
Hadamars Von Laber Jagd Und Drei Andere Minnegedichte Seiner Zeit Und Weise Des Minners Klage Der Minnenden Zwist Und Versihnung Der Minne-Falkner
Ricerche Storico-Critico-Scientifiche Sulle Origini Scoperte Invenzioni E Perfezionamenti Fatti Nelle Lettere Nelle Arti E Nelle Scienze Vol 3 Con Alcuni Tratti Biografici Degli Autori Pii Distinti Nelle Medesime
Mimoires Pour lHistoire Des Sciences Et Des Beaux-Arts Commencis ditre Imprimis lAn 1701 i Trivoux Et Didiis i Son Altesse Sirinissime Monseigneur Le Prince Souverain de Dombes Juin 1749
Patrologii Cursus Completus Sive Bibliotheca Universalis Integra Uniformis Commoda Oeconomica Omnium Ss Patrium Doctorum Scriptorumque Ecclesiasticorum Qui AB ivo Apostolico Ad Innocentii III Tempora Floruerunt Vol 122 Joannes Scotus Erigena
Jahrbicher Der Literatur Vol 71 July August September 1835
La Piccarda Donati Racconto Storico Fiorentino
Doctrinas del P Manuel Lacunza Contenidas En Su Obra La Venida del Mesias En Gloria y Majestad Las
Revue Zoologique Africaine Vol 2 Septembre 1912-Mai 1913
Die Zukunft 1898 Vol 22
Manuel Du Voyageur En Suisse Vol 4 Ouvrage Oi lOn Trouve Les Directions Et Les Renseignemens Nicessaires Pour Recueillir Tout Le Fruit Et Toutes Les Jouissances Que lOn Peut Se Promettre En Parcourant Ce Pays-Li P-Z
La Sagra Teologia Vol 2
Handbuch Der Seemannschaft Vol 2
Blicher Vol 3 Seine Zeit Und Sein Leben Zwilf Bicher in Drei Binden Buch IX-XII Blicher (1813-1819)
Bulletin de la Societe Scientifique Historique Et Archeologique de la Correze 1906 Vol 28
Bibliografia Italiana 1881 Giornale Dellassociazione Tipografico-Libraria Italiana
Mimoires Sur La Chine
LArithmitique En Sa Perfection Mise En Pratique Selon lUsage Des Financiers Banquiers Et Marchands Contenant Une Ample Et Familiire Explication de Ses Principes Tant En Nombres Entiers Quen Fractions
Beitrige Und Material Zur Geschichte Aachener Patrizier-Familien Vol 3
Schiller Dramatische Dichtungen Vol 2
Jenaische Zeitschrift Fir Naturwissenschaft 1892 Vol 26
Intelligenzblatt Der Allgemeinen Literatur-Zeitung Vom Jahre 1789
Archives Italiennes de Biologie 1918 Vol 68 Revues Risumis Reproductions Des Travaux Scientifiques Italiens
Beitrige Zur Geschichte Der Deutschen Sprache Und Literatur 1878 Vol 5
Commentarius in Exodum Et Leviticum
Historia Belli Peloponnesiaci Cum Nova Translatione Latina
Gertrud Baumgarten Eine Geschichte Aus Der Gegenwart Roman
Archiv Fir Geschichte Der Philosophie 1900 Vol 13
Titus Livius Patavinus Ad Codices Parisinos Recensitus Vol 5 Cum Varierate Lectionum Et Selectis Commentariis
Literarischer Grundriss Zur Geschichte Der Deutschen Poesie Von Der iltesten Zeit Bis in Das Sechzehnte Jahrhundert
Colecciin de Los Viages y Descubrimientos Que Hicieron Por Mar Los Espaioles Desde Fines del Siglo XV Vol 3 Con Varios Documentos Iniditos Concernientes i La Historia de la Marina Castellana y de Los Establecimientos Espaioles En Indias Viages M
Merlinus Liberatus an Almanack for the Year of Our Blessed Saviours Incarnation 1722 by John Partridge
Mercy Shewn to the Rebels an Argument for Their Conversion a Sermon Preachd on the First of August 1716 by Strickland Gough
An Address to the Electors of Southwark on the Following Subjects 1 Their Late Petition to Parliament 2 the Conduct of Their Representatives on That Occasion by an Elector
Songs Duets Trios c in the Dramatic Romance of Selima and Azor as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
Christian Fortitude a Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford at St Marys Church on St Pauls Day Jan 25 1757 by Benjamin Kennicott
An Account of Mr Whistons Prosecution AT and Banishment From the University of Cambridge First Printed at the End of the Historical Preface with an Appendix Containing Mr Whistons Farther Account
Gods Good Will to Great-Britain a Sermon Preachd to the Society of the Lords-Day Morning Lecture at Little St Hellens Upon May XXVIII 1720 by B Grosvenor
Popery a Spiritual Tyranny Shewd in a Sermon Preachd on the Fifth of November 1712 by Matthew Henry
de Prim vorum Patrum Auctoritate Concio Coram Academia Oxoniensi Pro Gradu Baccalaureatus in S Theologia Olim Habita a Johanne Bear
The Golden Spy Or a Political Journal of the British Nights Entertainments Viz the Power and Progress of Gold the Ladys Taste Wherein Are Laid Open the Secret Miraculous Power and Progress of Gold in the Courts of Europe
A Dramatick Entertainment Calld Harlequin a Sorcerer With the Loves of Pluto and Proserpine as Performd at the Theatre Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields
Merlinus Liberatus Being an Almanack for the Year of Our Redemption 1751 by John Partridge
Too Civil by Half a Farce in Two Acts as Performed with Universal Applause at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane by John Dent
Reasons Why David Garrick Esq Should Not Appear on the Stage in a Letter to John Rich Esq
Merlinus Liberatus Being an Almanack for the Year of Our Redemption 1749 by John Partridge
Winter Meditations Or a Sermon Concerning Frost and Snow and Winds c and the Wonders of God Therein by John Shower the Second Edition
Index Verborum Vergilianus
Vox Stellarum Or a Loyal Almanack for the Year of Human Redemption 1766 by Francis Moore
Six Concluding Letters to a Senator on the Tendencies of the Foundling Hospital in Its Boundless Extent Part II
Glotta a Poem Humbly Inscribed to the Marquess of Carnarvon by Mr Arbuckle
Poor Robin 1723 an Almanack After the Old and New Fashion Written by Poor Robin
Tobacco A Poem in Two Books Translated from the Latin of Raphael Thorius the Second Edition
Gospel Worthiness Stated In a Sermon Preachd in Exon at the Young Mens Lecture May 7 1719 by Samuel Carkeet
Apollo Anglicanus The English Apollo by Richard Saunder
A Vindication of the Prophecies of Mr Brothers and the Scripture Expositions of Mr Halhed by Henry Spencer
The History of Mr Fantom the New Fashioned Philosopher and His Man William
The Publick Virtue of Former Times and the Present Age Compared
The Sin and Folly of Rebellion in a Sermon Preachd in the Church of Boho Near Eniskillen October the 23d 1745 by Jeremy Draycott
A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mrs Elizabeth Buttall Preached at Hanover-Street March 29 1767 by R Harris
The Epodes of Horace in Latin and English With a Translation of Dr Bentleys Notes to Which Are Added Notes Upon Notes Part Xx1 to Be Continued
A Day in Vacation at College a Burlesque Poem
An Essay on a Registry for Titles of Lands by John Asgill the Second Edition
The Discipline of the Methodists Defended in a Letter to Mess Smith Longridge c in Answer to Their Late Address to the Methodist Societies
A Letter to the Earl of Shelburne on His Speech July 10 1782 Respecting the Acknowledgement of American Independence by Thomas Paine
A Letter to the Right Reverend the Bishop of Cloyne Occasiond by His Lordships Treatise on the Virtues of Tar-Water Impartially Examining How Far That Medicine Deserves the Character His Lordship Has Given of It the Second Edition
The Quip Modest A Few Words by Way of Supplement to Remarks Critical and Illustrative on the Text and Notes of the Last Edition of Shakspeare Occasioned by a Republication of That Edition Revised by the Editor of Dodsleys Old Plays
A Reply to Dominick Molloys Libel (Miscalld a Vindication) Against John Crump Merchant and His Friends
The Right of the Eldest Sons of the Peers of Scotland to Represent the Commons of That Part of Great Britain in Parliament Considered
The Particular and Inventory of All and Singular the Lands Tenements and Hereditaments Goods Chattels Debts and Personal Estate Whatsoever of Sir Jacob Jacobsen Together with the Abstract of the Same
The Toy-Shop a Dramatick Satire by Robert Dodsley the Seventh Edition
The Religious Use of Botanical Philosophy a Sermon Preached at the Church of St Leonard Shoreditch on Whitsun-Tuesday June 1 1784
A Letter Concerning a New Edition of Spensers Faerie Queene to Gilbert West Esq
The Disbanded Subaltern a Poem by William Carter Late a Leiutenant [sic] of the 40th Regiment of Foot
The Happiness of Living Under the British Government a Sermon Occasioned by the Murder of the King of the French Preached at Waldron in Sussex on Sunday the 27th of January 1793 by the Rev T Lewis Curate the Second Edition
A Plain Path-Way Opened to the Simple-Hearted for the Answering All Doubts and Objections Which Do Arise in Them Against the Light and Truth in the Inward Parts by Stephen Crisp
An Appeal to the Serious and Candid Professors of Christianity on the Following Subjects by a Lover of the Gospel the Fifth Edition with Improvements
The Case of Mr Richard Holoway One of the Burgesses Inhabiting the Town of Christchurch in the County of Southampton Offered to the Consideration of the Burgesses of Hampshire
The Duty and Reward of Loving Our Country and Seeking Its [sic] Prosperity a Discourse Delivered in Two Parts at the National Fast April 25th 1799 by Joseph Dana AM Pastor of the South Church in Ipswich
A Letter from the Earl of Carlisle to Earl Fitzwilliam in Reply to His Lordships Two Letters
An Address to the Representatives of the People Upon Subjects Important and Interesting to the Kingdom of Ireland by a Freeholder
The Admirable Travels of Messrs Thomas Jenkins and David Lowellin Containing a Tour of 3000 Miles Through the Unknown Tracts of Africa Describing the Manner How They Were Driven on the Western Coast by a Storm Sept 1 1770
The Deserted Village a Poem by Dr Goldsmith the Seventh Edition
An Appendix to the Occasional Critic in Which the Remarks on That Performance in the Critical and Monthly Reviews Are Examined
A Letter from Mrs Jane Jones Alias Jenny Diver in Drury-Lane to Mrs Arabella B---Wl---S
Plain English In Answer to City Latin Or Critical and Political Remarks on the Latin Inscription on Laying the First Stone of the Intended New Bridge at Black-Fryars by a Deputy
The Singular Case of a Lady Who Had the Small-Pox During Pregnancy And Who Communicated the Same Disease to the Foetus by W Lynn Surgeon as Read at the Royal Society in February 1786
An Address to the Dissenters on Classical Literature by E Cogan
A Fairy Tale Inscribd to the Honourable Mrs W------ With Other Poems by Mrs Holt
An Oration Pronounced Before a Numerous Body of the Nobility and Gentry Assembled at the Musick-Hall in Fishamble-Street on Tuesday the 6th of December 1757 by Thomas Sheridan AM
A Letter to the Right Hon Charles James Fox In Which Is Proved the Absolute Necessity of an Immediate Declaration of War Against France by the Author of the Flower of the Jacobins
A Short Reply to MR Holloways Few Remarks on Dr Sharps Dissertations on the Words Elohim and Berith by George Kalmir
A Sketch of the Life of That Notorious House-Breaker Horse-Stealer and Highway Robber John Kirby Who Was Convicted at the Old Castle Canterbury on Tuesday the 13th of January 1789 for Stealing Four Geese as Related by Himself
A Letter to a Friend with a Poem Called the Ghost of Werter by Lady --
An Account of a Most Efficacious Medicine for Soreness Weakness and Several Other Distempers of the Eyes by Sir Hans Sloane Bart the Third Edition
The Terms of National Happiness Stated and Recommended a Sermon Delivered at Northampton Feb the 6th MDCCLVI by Robert Gilbert
A Catalogue of the Genuine Library of an Eminent Physician and Fellow of the Royal Society Which Will Be Sold by Auction by Mr Paterson on Monday March 4 1782
A Letter from the Right Honourable Charles James Fox to the Worthy and Independent Electors of the City and Liberty of Westminster
The Much Greater Blessedness of Giving Than of Receiving a Sermon Preachd on Tuesday June 7th 1709 in the Parish-Church of Warrigton [sic] in Lancashire by William Lord Bishop of Chester
A Letter from Philip Thickskull Esq to Edmund Rack a Quaker
A Plan and Estimates for Improving and Extending the Navigation of the River Stour from Sandwich to Canterbury in the County of Kent
The New Cut Canal Intended for Improving the Navigation of the City of Chester Compared with the Welland Alias Spalding River Now Silted Up and Deeping-Fens Adjacent Now Drowned
Two Expostulations the First on the Truth of the Christian Religion the Second on the Observance of the Lords Day Chiefly Addressed to the Higher Classes of the Community
A Poetical Description of Mr Hogarths Election Prints In Four Cantos Written Under Mr Hogarths Sanction and Inspection
A North Briton Extraordinary Published at Edinburgh the Second Edition
Hyper-Criticism on Miss Sewards Louisa Including Observations on the Nature and Privileges of Poetic Language
Israel in Babylon an Oratorio the Music Selected from the Works of George Frederick Handel Esq
Papers Respecting the Negociation for a Renewal of the East-India Companys Exclusive Trade Containing Propositions Submitted to the House of Commons by the Right Honourable Henry Dundas on the 23rd April 1793
Rules and Orders of the Society Instituted at Bath for the Encouragement of Agriculture Arts Manufactures and Commerce
Proceedings of the Society of United Irishmen of Dublin
The Vision a Poem by Mr Croxall
A Sermon Preached to the Societies for Reformation of Manners at St Mary-Le-Bow on Monday January the 6th 1723 by Edmund Lord Bishop of London the Fourth Edition
An Appeal to the Governors of the Foundling Hospital on the Probable Consequences of Covering the Hospital Lands with Buildings in This Appeal the Original Institution of the Charity and the Present State of Its Revenues Are Investigated
The Juvenile Roscius Or Spouters Amusement Being a Collection of Original Prologues Epilogues Imitations c
Dechreuad Cynnydd a Chyflwr Presenol y Dadl Rhwng Pobl America Ar Llywodraeth Wedi Ei Gyfiaethu Or Saesnaeg Er Budd Ir Cymru
Report of the Select Committee of the Court of Directors of the East India Company Upon the Subject of the Cotton Manufacture of This Country With Appendixes
A Sermon Preachd Before the Honourable the House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster on Friday January the 30th 1735 6 by Francis Ayscough
The Perjurd Free Mason Detected And Yet the Honour and Antiquity of the Society of Free Masons Preservd and Detected by a Free Mason
Rules and Ordinances for the Regulation of Carmen Made by the Lord-Mayor and Justices of the Peace of the City of London
A Letter to David Garrick Esq on His Conduct as Principal Manager and Actor at Drury-Lane with a Preface and Notes by the Editor Second Edition
A Sermon Preachd at Goodmans-Fields November 5 1711 Being the Day Appointed for an Anniversary Thanksgiving for the Happy Discovery of the Intended Massacre by Gun-Powder and Also for the Happy Arrival of King William
The Way of Trying Prophets a Sermon Preachd Before the Queen at St Jamess November 9 1707 by Ofspring Blackall
King Williams Affection to the Church of England Examind
A Letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt Chancellor of the Exchequer c on the Conduct of the Bank Directors With Cursory Observations on Mr Morgans Pamphlet Respecting the Expence of the War and the State of the National Debt
A Sermon to the Societies for Reformation of Manners Preachd at Salters-Hall July 1 1728 by O Hughes
The Design and Use of Confirmation a Sermon Preached in the Church of St Margarets Westminster December the 8th 1723 on Occasion of a Confirmation Held in That Church by Samuel Lord Bishop of Rochester
A Charge Given to Mr Micajah Towgood at His Ordination in Moreton Hampstead Devon August 211722 by John Withers
Annuario Scientifico Ed Industriale 1894 Vol 31
Neue Jahrbucher Fur Philologie Und Paedogogik Oder Kritische Bibliothek Fur Das Schul-Und Unterrichtswesen 1837 Vol 5 Erstes Heft
Journal Fir Praktische Chemie 1857 Vol 70
Degenerazione Fin de Siicle Il Misticismo lEgotismo Il Secolo Ventesimo
Correspondance de Christophe Plantin Vol 1
Sitzungsberichte Der Philosophisch-Historischen Classe Der Kaiserlichen Akademie Der Wissenschaften 1800 Vol 33 Heft I Und II
Acadimie Royale de Belgique Classe Des Lettres Et Des Sciences Morales Et Politiques Vol 2 Mimoires Collection In-8i
Colecciin de Los Viages y Descubrimientos Que Hicieron Por Mar Los Espaioles Desde Fines del Siglo XV Con Varios Documentos Iniditos Concernientes i La Historia de la Marina Castellana y de Los Establecimientos Espaioles En Indias Vol 3 Viages M
Verhandlungen Der Berliner Medicinischen Gesellschaft Aus Dem Gesellschaftsjahre 1897 Vol 28 Separat-Abdruck Aus Der Berliner Klinischen Wochenschrift
Nouvel Abrigi Chronologique de lHistoire Et Du Droit Public dAllemagne Vol 2
Jahrbicher Der Kiniglichen Akademie Gemeinnitziger Wissenschaften Zu Erfurt 1866 Vol 4
Jahrbicher Der Kiniglichen Akademie Gemeinnitziger Wissenschaften Zu Erfurt 1898 Vol 24
Catalogue of North-Western College and Union Biblical Institute Naperville Du Page County Illinois 1897-1898
Mimoires Couronnis En 1828 Vol 7
Mittheilungen Der Kais Und Kongl Geographischen Gesellschaft in Wien 1878 Vol 21
Deutsche Bau-Zeitung Vol 42 Organ Des Verbandes Deutscher Architekten-U Ingenieur-Vereine Zweiter Halbband Juli-Dezember 1908
General Directory of the Town and County of Newcastle Upon Tyne and Gateshead Blyth North and South Shields and Tynemouth the City of Durham Sunderland Bishop and Monk Wearmouth Stockton-On-Tees Middlesborough and Yarm Barnard Castle Bishop Auck
Elemente Der Staatskunst Vol 3 Die Oeffentliche Vorlesungen VOR Sr Durchlaucht Dem Prinzen Bernhard Von Sachsen-Weimar Und Einer Versammlung Von Staatsmannern Und Diplomaten Im Winter Von 1808 Auf 1809 Zu Dresden
Theologische Quartalschrift 1889 Vol 71 Erstes Quartalheft
Amts-Blatt Der Koeniglichen Preussischen Regierung Zu Koenigsberg Fur Das Jahr 1844 Vol 34
Le Secret Du Roi Vol 2 Correspondance Secrete de Louis XV Avec Ses Agents Diplomatiques 1752-1774
The Cure of Saul a Sacred Ode Written by Dr Brown the Music Composed by Mr Arnold
A Sermon Preached Before the Trustees of the Charity Schools at the Cathedral Church of Exeter Oct 13 1741 by Alured Clarke
A Letter from a Friend in the Country to a Friend at Wills Coffee-House In Relation to Three Additional Articles of War
Archives Du Magnetisme Animal 1822 Vol 3
A Letter from a Gentleman in the Country to His Son at the University Dissuading Him from Going Into Holy Orders Dedicated to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of D---- And C----
The Hardships Occasioned by the Oaths to the Present Government Considerd and Argud by a Well-Wisher to His Country the Second Edition Corrected
The Consequences of a French Invasion Considered as Motives to Union and Exertion In an Address to the Parishioners of Woolwich on Occasion of Their Meeting to Form an Armed Association by G A Thomas
Johann David Koehlers P P Im Jahr 1732 Woechentlich Herausgegebener Historischer Munz-Belustigung Vol 4 Darinnen Allerhand Merckwurdige Und Rare Thaler Ducaten Schaustucken Und Andere Sonderbahre Gold-Und Silber-Munzen Von Mancherley Alter Zu
The Late Regulations Respecting the British Colonies on the Continent of America Considered in a Letter from a Gentleman in Philadelphia to His Friend in London
A Sermon Preachd Before the Right Hohourable [sic] the Lord-Mayor Aldermen and Livery-Men of the Several Companies of London at the Parish-Church of St Laurence Jewry Septemb 29 1705 by Benjamin Hoadly
A Sermon on Confirmation by Thomas Secker a New Edition
The Present State of the British Constitution Deduced from Facts by an Old Whig
The Case of the Right Honble John Aislabie Esq
The Royal Chair - Nude Photography on the Throne 2019 Nude Photography on the Throne
A Sincere Christian and Convert from the Church of Rome Exemplified in the Life of Daniel Herly a Poor Irish Peasant by Dr Edward Synge a New Edition Corrected
Skin Deep - Erotic Insights into the Parlour 2019 Erotic Insights into the Parlour
The Laymans Letter to the Reverend Mr Sell on His Sermon Preachd at Kensington September the 8th 1717 on 1 Tim 5 22 Being a Warning Piece to All the Bp of Bangors Adversaries
The Characters and Conduct of Sir John Edgar Calld by Himself Sole Monarch of the Stage in Drury-Lane And His Three Deputy-Govenors in Two Letters to Sir John Edgar the Second Edition
A Letter to a Lady on the Mode of Conducting Herself During Pregnancy Also on the Management of the Infant
An Epistle to Dean Swift a Poem by a Gentleman in the Army
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster on Monday January 31 1757 by William Parker
A View of the Grievances of Ireland by a True Patriot the Second Edition
Away from the city 2019 Photographs from unique places
The Mirror Or Harlequin Every-Where a Pantomimical Burletta in Three Parts as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden
A Sermon Preached at St Mary Aldermanbury on Sunday the 15th of June 1701 by the Honourable Henry Brydges
A Scheme for the Coalition of Parties Humbly Submitted to the Publick
The Report of John Watti Surveyor and Engineer for the Better Drainage of the South and Middle Levels of the Fens and Other Lands Bordering Upon Each Side of the River Ouse
A Sermon Preachd on January the 30th 1701 2 in King Henry the Viiths Chapel Before the Reverend Clergy of the Lower House of Convocation by W Binckes
A Rhapsody Occasioned by a Late Extraordinary Decision and Inscribed to Sir Watkin Lewes to Which Is Added the Complaint of Sabrina by J Greenwood
A Sermon Preached at St Marys Church in Cambridge at the Lent Assizes 1766 Before the Honourable Sir Richard Adams by John Mainwaring BD
Joyaux de la Mer Rouge 2019 Decouvrez les fonds riches en couleurs de la Mer Rouge
The Particulars and Inventory of All the Lands Tenements and Hereditaments Goods Chattels Debts and Personal Estate Whatsoever of Sir William Hamond Together with the Abstract of the Same
A Sermon Preachd in the Cathedral-Church of St Paul Before the Right Honourable Sir Charles Peers on Tuesday May the 29th 1716 by Joseph Rawson
A Familiar Epistle from C Anstey Esq to C W Bampfylde Esq Translated and Addressed to the Ladies
The Charge of Cyrus the Great a Poetical Essay by the Rev Mr Richard Onely BA
The Improvement of the Death of Faithful Ministers a Sermon Preached October 11 1747 by William Langford
A Sermon Preached at the Temple Church on Sunday November 15 1761 Upon Occasion of the Death of Dr Thomas Sherlock by Samuel Nicolls
Consequence of Diving 2019 Diving shifts the human perception This images were done with less focused attention due to the nitrogen saturation
A Brief Account of Some Lent and Other Extraordinary Processions and Ecclesiastical Entertainments Seen Last Year at Lisbon in Four Letters to an English Friend
Whispering Woods 2019 The wonderful world of Woodlands
A Reply to the Free Enquirers Letter to the Minister and Session of the Associate Congregation in the Close Newcastle by Alexander Nimmo
The Two Covenants Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in London in the Year 1745 by John Cennick the Third Edition
An Address to the People of Great Britain by R Watson Fourth Edition
Affaire dopinion - Nouvelles definitions dapercus 2019 Nouvelles definitions dapercus erotiques
A Sermon Preached in St Margarets Church Westminster on Easter-Tuesday April 12 1726 by Lewis Stephens
A Sermon Preached in the Parish-Church of All-Saints Maidstone in Kent On Friday November 2 1753 at the Anniversary Election of a Mayor for That Corporation by John Denne
An Address to the Hon Edmund Burke from the Swinish Multitude
The First Ode of the First Book of Horace Inscribed to the Earl of Chesterfield by John Earl of Orrery
A Sermon Preached Before the University of Cambridge on Commencement Sunday in the Morning June 29 1735 by Samuel Kerrich
A Sermon Preached at St Clement Danes on Sunday the 17th of January 1762 Occasiond by the Death of the Right Rev Dr Thomas Hayter Lord Bishop of London by Richard Stainsby
A Discourse on Witchcraft Occasioned by a Bill Now Depending in Parliament to Repeal the Statute Made in the First Year of the Reign of King James I Intituled an ACT Against Conjuration Witchcraft and Dealing with Wicked Spirits
The Fitness of Repealing the Septennial ACT at This Juncture Considerd In a Letter from an Elector to a Member of Parliament with Some Reflections on the Present State of the Nation
A Letter Written to His Majestys Principal Secretaries of State by the Ministers of the Several Roman Catholick Princes and States Residing Here Complaining of a Clause Relating to Popish Priests
Rules and Directions for All Such Persons as Are Obliged to Find or Contribute Either Towards Horse or Foot in the Militia with the Manner and Proportions of Assessing and Charging the Same
A Declaration of the Warrantable Grounds and Proceedings of the First Associates of the Government of New-Plymouth In Their Laying the First Foundations of This Government
Observations on the State and Condition of the Poor Under the Institution for Their Relief in the City of Dublin Together with the State of the Fund Published by Order of the Corporation Instituted for the Relief of the Poor
The British Navy Triumphant! Being Copies of the London Gazettes Extraordinary Containing the Accounts of the Glorious Victories Obtained Over the French Fleet by Admiral Lord Howe 1794 The Spanish Fleet 1797
de Miraculis in Ecclesi Christian Concio Ad Academian Oxoniensem Habita in Ecclesi B Mari Junii IX AD MDCCXLVIII a Jacobo Ibbetson
The Proceedings at the Sessions of the High Court of Admiralty on the Kings Commission of Oyer and Terminer for Trying Offences Committed on the High Seas Held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bailey on Monday the 25th of February 1754
An Impartial Account of the Behaviour of the Tories from His Majesties Happy Accession to the Present Time Being a Detection of the Many Scandalous and False Reports Raisd by That Faction to Corrupt the Affections of the People
A Philosophical Discourse Addressed to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in the Presence of a Respectable Audience Assembled at the Meeting-House in Brattle-Street in Boston
The Grand Question Discussd Or What Ought to Be Done in the Present Posture of Affairs A Dialogue Between Chrysologos a Deputy of the Province of Holland Philopax
The Emperors Commissiorial Decree to the Diet of the States of the Empire Assembled at Francfort Dated the 11th of This Month Directing the Protests of the Queen of Hungary to Be Expunged from Their Records Wit
A Strict Enquiry Into the Circumstance of a Late Duel with Some Account of the Persons Concernd on Both Sides Being a Modest Attempt to Do Justice to the Injurd Memory of a Noble Person Dead
Observations on Acts of Parliament Passed in the 4th 6th and 7th Years of His Reign On the Conduct of the Officers and the Board of Commissioners Appointed to Reside in America Published by the Merchants of Boston
Two Reports from the Committee of the Honourable House of Assembly of Jamaica Appointed to Examine Into the Slave-Trade Published by Order of the House of Assembly
Defence Against Foreign Invasion in Order to Prevent Any Mis-Apprehension of the Measure Taken for the Defence of the Kingdom Against a French Invasion All True Friends to Their Country Are Desired to Remark
Irish Papists Englands Terror Shewing That English Protestants Will Suffer the Last Severities from the Pretender in Case That He Succeeds in His Present Attempt
The Plan of the Charity for the Maintenance Education and Employment of Orphans and Other Poor Children Now Erected at Hoxton with the Qualifications for Governors and the Rules for the Government Thereof
A True Copy of a Poll of the Burgesses of the Borough of Derby Taken Saturday the 6th and Monday the 8th Days of March 1741 Before Samuel Fox for the Electing a Member to Serve in Parliament
The Declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North America Now Met in General Congress at Philadelphia Setting Forth the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms
The Trial of William Spiggot Alias Spickett John Spiggot Alias Spickett Wm Morris Wm Thomas Alias Blink David Morgan Alias Lacy Wm Walter Evan and David Llewellin for the Murder of Will Powell
Animadversions on the Succession to the Crown of England Considerd Publishd by Captain D-By with Remarks on a Pamphlet Supposd to Be Written by Mr Toland Entituled Limitations for the Next Foreign Successor
A Sermon Preached March 10 1776 at St Andrews Holborn Before the Humane Society Instituted for the Recovery of Persons Apparently Drowned by William Dodd
A Refutation of the Memorial Published by the Court of Vienna Intitled an Answer to the Declaration Made by the Count of Dohna Minister from His Majesty the King of Prussia Published by Express Order of M Andrie
The Duty and Motives of Praying for Peace a Sermon Preachd Before Their Excellencies the Lord Privy Seal and Thomas Earl of Strafford Her Majestys Plenipotentiaries at the Congress of Utrecht by William Ayerst
A Farewell for Two Years to England a Poem by Helen Maria Williams
The Jovial Crew a Comic-Opera as It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden Altered from R Brome by Mr Roome
A Sermon Occasiond by the Death of Mr Samuel Hollis Preached May the 24th 1724 by Jeremiah Hunt
The Designs of Gods Visitations a Sermon Preached Before the Right Honourable the Lord-Mayor and the Court of Aldermen at the Cathedral-Church of St Paul On Wednesday September 2 1730 by John Banson
The Sufficiency of the Spirits Teaching Without Human Learning a Sermon Preached Before the Learned and Celebrated Mr John Goodwin by Samuel How the Eighth Edition Corrected
A Fourth Essay at Removing National Prejudices With Some Reply to Mr H---Dges and Some Other Authors Who Have Printed Their Objections Against an Union with England
A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Late Reverend Isaac Watts December 11 1748 by David Jennings to Which Is Added the Funeral Oration by Samuel Chandler
The Whigs Vindicated the Objections That Are Commonly Brought Against Them Answerd and the Present Ministry Provd to Be the Best Friends to the Welfare of England - In a Letter to a Friend by John Withers the Second Edition Corrected
A Sermon Preachd November the Fifth 1678 at St Margarets Westminster Before the House of Commons by John Tillotson
A Short View of the Difference Between the Moravian Brethren Lately in England And the Reverend Mr John and Charles Wesley Extracted Chiefly from a Late Journal
A Discourse on Sacramental Tests Delivered at Cambridge Thursday October 30th 1788 at a General Meeting of Deputies of the Congregations of Protestant Dissenters in the County of Cambridge by R Robinson
A Sermon Preachd Before Her Majesty at St Jamess Chappel on Sunday November the 5th 1704 Being the Rule of Doing as We Would Be Done Unto Explaind by Francis Atterbury
A Key to the Lock Or a Treatise Proving Beyond All Contradiction the Dangerous Tendency of a Late Poem Entituled the Rape of the Lock to Government and Religion by Esdras Barnivelt Apoth
A Sermon Preachd Before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster on Wednesday December 18 1745 by Thomas Newton
A Sermon Preachd on September 7 1704 Being a Day of Publick Thankgiving for the Glorious Victory Obtaind Over the Forces of France and Bavaria by R Norris
A New Heart the Best New Years Gift and Repentance the Only Way to Obtain It a Sermon Preachd at Bristol January the First by George Whitefield
A Defence of the Doubts Concerning the Authenticity of the Last Publication of the Confessional c in Answer to Occasional Remarks c
The Duty of Parents Considered in a Sermon Preached in the Methodist-Chapel at Dewsbury in Yorkshire on Sunday March 16th 1800 by Robert Miller MG
A Letter to the Right Hon William Pitt Shewing How Crimes May Be Prevented and the People Made Happy by John Donaldson Esq
An Answer to a Pamphlet Intituled an Account of an Occasional Conference Between George Keith and Thomas Upsher at Colchester c January 1 1701 by Thomas Upsher
The Universal Passion Satire II
The Strollers A Farce as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane the Fourth Edition
A Poem Book the First by W Mason MA the Third Edition
Being an Ephemeris of the Coelestial Motions with an Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1735 the Thirteenth Impression by Edmund Weaver
Epistle to Peter Pindar by the Author of the Baviad Second Edition with Additions
Taste a Comedy of Two Acts as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Mr Foote
Original Poems on Various Subjects by David Love
Poor Robin 1735 a New Almanack After the New Fashion Not Forgetting the Old Written by Poor Robin
The Devil to Pay Or the Wives Metamorphosd an Opera as It Is Performd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants with the Musick Prefixd to Each Song
Sir Richard Cocks His Charge to the Grand-Jury of the County of Gloucester at the General Quarter-Sessions Held for That County April the 30th 1717
Reflections on the Seven Days of the Week by a Lady a New Edition
Authentic Copies of the Codicils Belonging to the Last Will and Testament of Sir Hans Sloane Bart Deceased Which Relate to His Collection of Books and Curiosities
Bibliotheca Triplex Or a Catalogue of the Libraries of Three Eminent and Learned Gentlemen Deceasd Which Will Be Sold by Auction on Thursday the 19th of This Instant February 1707 8 by Thomas Ballard
An Ode to the Naiads of Fleet-Ditch By Arthur Murphy Esq
Dissertatio de Monumentis Quibusdam Romanis in Boreali Magn Britanni Parte Detectis Anno M DCC XXXI
Fables for Grown Gentlemen Or a Fable for Every Day in the Week
LOlimpiade a Serious Opera as Performed at the Kings Theatre in the Hay-Market the Music by Several Eminent Composers Executed Under the Direction of Signor Ferdinando Bertoni
The English Apollo Or Useful Companion Particularly Applied to This Present Year 1773 by Richard Saunders
A Second Reply to Doctor Allix with Two Postscripts The First to Mr Chishull The Second to the Author of the Reflections on Mr Whistons Conduct c by William Whiston Ma
Remarks Concerning Stones Said to Have Fallen from the Clouds Both in These Days and in Antient Times by Edward King
My Grand-Mother a Ballad Farce in Two Acts Written by Mr Hoare
Love-Elegies by Mr Hammond Written in the Year 1732 with a Preface by the Earl of Chesterfield
Ode in Imitation of Horace Ode I Ad Maecenatem Addressed to His Grace John Duke of Montagu to Which Is Subjoined the Original Ode of Horace Illustrated by a New Interpretation by Sir William Browne
The Candid Reader Or a Modest Yet Unanswerable Apology for All Books That Ever Were or Possibly Can Be Wrote
The Author A Comedy of Two Acts as Performed at the Theatres Royal in London and Dublin Written by Samuel Foote Esq
Memoirs of Humphrey Duke of Gloucester (As They Relate to the Story of Mr Phillipss Tragedy of That Name And Proper to Be Bound Up with It)
The Poll for Members of Parliament for the Borough of Ipswich Taken April 3 1784 Before Peter Clarke Esq And John Spooner Esq Bailiffs Candidates William Middleton Esq John Cator Esq C Alexander Crickitt Esq
The Chase A Pastoral Drama of Two Acts
Coalition a Farce Founded on Facts and Lately Performed with the Approbation and Under the Joint Inspection of the Managers of the Theatres-Royal
Broad Scotch Addressed to All True Scots Men
The Catch Club A Collection of All the Songs Catches Glees Duets c as Sung at the Royalty Theatre Goodmans Fields Third Edition With Additions
Charon Or the Ferry-Boat a Vision Dedicated to the Swiss Count -
Information for the Officers of State on Behalf of His Majesty Defenders Against the Heritors of the Parish of Drymen Pursuers
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of the Magistrates and Town-Council of Stirling Michael Potter John Galloway and Robert Galloway
Report of the Select Committee Appointed to Take Into Consideration the Export Trade from Great-Britain to the East-Indies Upon the Subject of Any Claims That May Arise on the Part of Ireland to a Participation in the Indian and China Trade
Catalogus Librorum in Bibliotheca Cantabrigiensi Selectus Frequentiorem in Usum Harvardinatum Qui Gradu Baccalaurei in Artibus Nondum Sunt Donati
Liverpool Testimonials to the Departed Genius of Robert Burns the Scottish Bard
The Old Wives Tales A Poem Part 1
Correct Copies of the Two Protests Against the Bill to Repeal the American Stamp Act of Last Session with Lists of the Speakers and Voters
Fra Cipolla a Tale in Boccace Translated from the Original Manuscript with Notes Historical Critical and Moral
A Concise History and Description of Kenilworth Castle From Its Foundation to the Present Time
Liber Quotidianus Contrarotulatoris Garderobae Anno Regni Regis Edwardi Primi Vicesimo Octavo Ex Codice Ms in Biblioteca Sua Asservato Typis Edidit Soc Antiq Londinensis
Articles and Orders Agreed Upon by the Amicable Society at the Rose in Cheapside London
Poetical Epistle from Florizel to Perdita With Perditas Answer and a Preliminary Discourse Upon the Education of Princes the Second Edition
Supplement to the Spectators Essay on the Ways of Raising a Mans Fortune or the Art of Growing Rich with the Essay Itself Prefixd
Plan of the New Constitution for the United States of America Agreed Upon in a Convention of the States with a Preface by the Editor a New Edition Corrected
Papers Respecting the Negociation for a Renewal of the East-India Companys Exclusive Trade
Madagascar 2019 Photographies de Madagascar
The Works of the Right Honourable the Earls of Rochester and Roscommon with Some Memoirs of the Earl of Rochesters Life by Monsieur St Evremont In a Letter to the Dutchess of Mazarine Part 1
Analogy of Sacred History and Prophecy with the Events and Principles of Modern Times Exemplified in a Remarkable Passage of the Prophet Isaiah A Discourse Written in Ireland During the Late Rebellion There 1798
Picos de Europa - In and around the national park 2019 Lush and craggy at the same time the Picos de Europa are a beautiful national park in Northern Spain
A Convention the Only Means of Saving Us from Ruin in a Letter Addressed to the People of England by Joseph Gerrald Now Languishing in Exile from His Native Country a New Edition
A Narrative of the Ship-Wreck of the Nottingham Galley c First Publishd in 1711 Revisd and Re-Printed with Additions in 1727 Re-Publishd in 1730 and Now Proposd for the Last Edition During the Authors Life-Time by John Deane
A Collection of the Favourite Songs Sung This Summer in Vaux Hall Gardens by Mrs Weichsell Miss Jameson Mr Vernon Set by Mr Worgan Book the 13th 1771
A Sermon Preachd on the Death of the Duke of Gloucester at St Dunstans in the West August the 4th 1700 by William Fleetwood
Faces Characters Manual of Morphopsychology
A Letter from a Gentleman in the Country to His Friend in Edinburgh Concerning Mr Wh---F---D
Verdammte Wunderkinder
Bachbliten Fir Katzen
Master Reset
Coloring Book of Complex Function Representations
Village Improvements and Farm Villages
Robert Millers Tropen
A Letter to Adam Smith LLD on the Life Death and Philosophy of His Friend David Hume Esq by One of the People Called Christians the Fourth Edition
An Answer to Mr George Dixon Late Commander of the Queen Charlotte in the Service of Messrs Etches and Company By John Meares Esq in Which the Remarks of Mr Dixon Are Refuted
Berliner Rennfieber
The Battle of the Bubbles Shewing Their Several Constitutions Alliances Policies and Wars From Their First Suddain Rise to Their Late Speedy Decay by a Stander-By the Second Edition
The Oeconomy of Love a Poetical Essay a New Edition
A Letter to His Gr--E the D--E of B-----D L--D L---T of Ir----D the Third Edition
A Reply to Mr Dobbss Answer to a Pamphlet Entitled Forgery Detected by Christopher Middleton
Mollusques Testaces Vol 1
Georg Christoph Lichtenbergs Vermischte Schriften Vol 3
Il Nuovo Segretario Tedesco-Italiano O Modelli Di Lettere Sopra Ogni Sorta Di Argomenti Colle Loro Risposte Vol 1
Istruzioni Scientifiche Pei Viaggiatori
Kleine Schriften Geologisch-Historisch-Topographisch-Antiquarisch-Etymologischen Inhalts Vol 1
Evangelien Des Markus Und Lukas Die Von Der 6 Auflage Neu Bearbeitet
Il Chronicon Farfense Di Gregorio Di Catino Vol 2 Precedono La Constructio Farfensis E Gli Scritti Di Ugo Di Farfa
Hymnographi Latini Vol 1 Lateinische Hymnendichter Des Mittelalters Aus Gedruckten Und Ungedruckten Quellen
Gesetzes-Und Verordnungs-Blatt Fur Des Grossherzogthum Baden Jahrgang 1869 Nr I Bis XLI
Denkschriften Der Kaiserlichen Akademie Der Wissenschaften Vol 7 Philosophisch-Historische Classe
Sturmflut Vol 2 Historischer Roman
Ziento I Diez Consideraziones
Volkswirthschaftliche Und Socialphilosophische Essays
Jahrbucher Des Kaiserlichen Koeniglichen Polytechnischen Institutes in Wien 1820 Vol 2
Cases on the Motion Picture Industry With Commentaries
Denkschriften Der K Bayer Botanischen Gesellschaft Zu Regensburg 1859 Vol 4 Erste Abtheilung
Atlas Und Grundriss Der Gerichtlichen Medizin Vol 1 Unter Benutzung Von E V Hofmanns Atlas Der Gerichtlichen Medizin
Glossarium Latino German Ouglossarium Latino-Germanicu Mediae Et Infimae Aetatis E Cidicibus Manuscriptis Et Libris Impressis
Ward 11 Precinct 1 City of Boston List of Residents 20 Years of Age and Over as of January 1 1944
Voyage En Italie Vol 9 Contenant lHistoire Et Les Anecdotes Les Plus Singulieres de lItalie Et Sa Description Les Usages Le Gouvernement Le Commerce La Litterature Les Arts lHistoire Naturelle Et Les Antiquites
Banquet Des Savans Vol 5
La Filosofia Scolastica Di San Tommaso E Di Dante Ad USO Dei Licei
History of the Plague in London in 1665 With Suitable Reflections
Modern Matrimony a Poem to Which Is Added the Disappointment an Elegy by the Author of the Irish Chief Or the Patriot King
Observations on the Present State of the Game in England in Which the Late Methods of Preservation Are Clearly Refuted and Condemned by William Taplin
Night an Epistle to Robert Lloyd by the Author
Torism and Trade Can Never Agree to Which Is Added an Account and Character of the Mercator and His Writings in a Letter to Sir G- H-
Observations on the Different Strata of Earths and Minerals More Parricularly [sic] of Such as Are Found in the Coal-Mines of Great Britain by John Strachey
Poetical Legends Containing the American Captive And the Fatal Feud to Which Is Added the Fall of Faction a Poetical Vision by the Author of the Cave of Morar
Ode to the Right Honourable the Earl of Northumberland on His Being Appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland Presented on the Birth-Day of Lord Warkworth with Some Other Pieces by Christopher Smart
General View of the Agriculture of the County of Angus or Forfar By the Rev Mr Roger Drawn Up Under the Direction of George Dempster Esq of Dunnichen For the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement
Nyktopsia Or the Use and Abuse of Snuffers with an Attempt for Introducing a New Invented Machine of Far Greater Use and Safety
Some National Grievances Viz the Unequalness of Court Preferments the Keeping Up the Army the S------L Act Considered and Fairly Represented in a Letter to R--- W--- Esq
A Catalogue of Scarce and Valuable Books Being the Entire Stock in Trade of Mr Harmen Noorthouck Bookseller to Be Sold by Auction on Thursday July 2 1730 by Mr Christopher Bateman
Vox Stellarum Or a Loyal Almanack for the Year of Human Redemption 1739 by Francis Moore
Bibliotheca Gaylardiana Or a Catalogue of the Library of the Late Dr Joseph Gaylard Which Will Be Sold by Auction on Wednesday the 28th of This Instant January 1707 8 by Thomas Ballard
Memoir of a Chart from Cape Mons to Acheen by a Dalrymple
Songs Chorusses c Which Are Introduced in the New Entertainment of the Jubilee at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane
New Hay at the Old Market An Occassional Drama in One Act Written by George Colman (the Younger ) on Opening the Hay-Market Theatre on the 9th of June 1795
Coasting Directions for the North and South Channels of the River Thames Also Directions from Lowestoff-Roads to the Downs by John Chandler of Orford Pilot c
Gallic Gratitude Or the Frenchman in India A Comedy in Two Acts by J S Dodd
The Secret History of Pythagoras Translated from the Original Copy Lately Found at Otranto in Italy by J W MD the Second Edition
Songs and Chorusses in the Comic Opera of the Armorer as Performed at the Theatre Royal Covent-Garden
Britains Glory Or a Trip to Portsmouth a Musical Entertainment as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in the Hay-Market
Lethe Or ESOP in the Shades as Acted at the Theatres in London with Universal Applause Written by Mr Garick
The Padlock A Comic Opera As It Is Performed by His Majestys Servants at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
The Jovial Crew a Comic-Opera as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal by His Majestys Servants with the Airs Prefixd to Each Song
The General Nature of the Christian Religion Endeavourd to Be Briefly Stated and Explaind in a Sermon Upon 2 Cor V 18 19 20 by Henry Head
A Funeral Sermon Preached Upon the Death of That Worthy Gentleman John Hoskyns of Purse-Candle in the County of Dorset Esq Who Deceased the 18th of June 1714 by John Sprint
The Odes of Horace in Latin and English With a Translation of Dr Bentleys Notes to Which Are Added Notes Upon Notes Part XII to Be Continued
An Essay on the Subjects of Chemistry and Their General Division by R Watson
An Apologetical View of the Moral and Religious Sentiments of the Late Right Honourable Lord Viscount Bolinbroke Taken from His Letters on the Study and Use of History
The Golden Pippin an English Burletta in Two Acts as It Is Performed at the Theatres Royal Covent-Garden and the Hay-Market by the Author of Midas a New Edition
A Sermon on the Late General Fast Preached at Grays Inn Chapel on Friday the 13th Day of December 1776 Before the Worshipful the Masters of the Bench of the Honourable Society of Grays Inn by Henry Stebbing
The Times a Satire to the King And Dedicated to the Emperor of Germany by T Browne Esq
The Duty of Praying for Kings or Governors in a Sermon Preachd at the Assizes Holden at Brentwood in Essex March 21 1723 by Lewis Debords
A Sermon Preached in St Geilles Kirk at Edinburgh Commonly Calld Pockmanty Preaching by Mr James Row
The Proper Improvement of Divine Judgments a Sermon Preached Before the Mayor and Corporation at St Martins in Oxford on Friday February 6 1756 by George Fothergill DD
The Chaplet a Musical Entertainment as It Is Performd by His Majestys Company of Comedians at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden the Music Composd by Dr Boyce
An Enquiry Into the Danger and Consequences of a War with the Dutch
The Prophecy of Famine a Scots Pastoral by C Churchill Inscribed to John Wilkes the Second Edition
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords in Christ-Church Dublin On Tuesday November 5 1765 by the Right Rev Dennison Cumberland
A Sermon Preachd at Tiverton December the 23 1725 by Samuel Westcott
The Divine Right of Kings Considered Being the Substance of a Sermon Preached at Vessells-Green at Chevening in Kent May 5 1754 by Michael Bligh
A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Baptist Earl of Gainsborough April 18 1751 by John Skynner the Fifth Edition
A Sermon Preached in the Chapel of the Asylum for Female Orphans at the Anniversary Meeting of the Guardians of That Charity May 19 1774 by George Horne
A Letter from the Lord Bishop of London to the Clergy and People of London and Westminster On Occasion of the Late Earthquakes
The Use and Intent of Divine and Human Laws in Order to Prevent Vice and Encourage Virtue Comparatively Considerd Set Forth in a Sermon Preachd at the Assizes Held at Lancaster on Friday August 22 1740 by Edward Shakespear
A Comment Upon the History of Tom Thumb
The Divine Rights and Duties of the Christian Priesthood Deliverd in a Farewel Sermon at Morden-College Upon Black-Heath the 29th of April 1711 by Sam Asplin MA the Second Edition
A Plan for Preventing Robberies Within Twenty Miles of London with an Account of the Rise and Establishment of the Real Thieftakers to Which Is Added Advice to Pawnbrokers Stable-Keepers and Publicans by John Fielding Esq
A Return to Our Former Good Old Principles and Practice the Only Way to Restore and Preserve Our Peace a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford at St Marys on Sunday May the 14th 1710 by William Tilly
A Letter to the Whigs Occasiond by the Letter to the Tories the Second Edition
A Sermon Preached at Wisbech Sunday March 11 1743 on the Present Posture of Our Affairs and the Intended Invasion by Thomas Whiston
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Landaff June 1791 by Richard Watson
The Saints Entrance Into Zion a Sermon Occasiond by the Death of the Reverend Mr Michael Bligh Late Pastor of the Baptist Church at Seven-Oaks in Kent by James Upton with an Account of the Lords Dealings with His Soul Written by Himself
An Answer to the Pamphlet Intituled Arguments for and Against an Union c c in a Letter Addressed to Edward Cooke Esq by Pemberton Rudd New Edition

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